Amazing Grace Hat for M

This is the second hat I made for M. The free pattern is the Amazing Grace Hat and is designed by Elena Hunt of Beatrice Ryan Designs. She designed this as a Charity Crochet Hat so I figured this would be perfect to use for the other hat!


I used a 5.00mm hook and Red Heart With Love in Gray. Just a couple of things with this pattern. My first problem was that it came out way too small. I’m not sure how that happened because I checked gauge (I highly suggest you start doing that for all worn garments) and I matched it. So I was a little confused. I needed it to fit a 23 inch head and the circumference came out to 20 inches. And there was not enough stretch. So I frogged it. I was easily able to adjust it though so that it did become the size I needed.


Then there was the issue of my rows turning out just a tad short. That’s usually never a big problem, just add a couple more rows. In this case I added two more rows of the special shell rows. No biggie. I did though leave out the last row of reverse single crochet at the end. I didn’t feel like the hat needed that.


I used the black flower on this hat for pictures. Buuuuuut it’s removable so viola! It can also be worn plain, just like the Tri – Color Cloche 🙂 Stay tuned for how I did the removable flower, it’s coming next!

On the Hook:

  • Bacon and Eggs Scarf
  • Baby G’s things
  • Birthday Scarf

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