Pay-It-Forward #3

Last night I finished another Pay-It-Forward project. This one is for my friend Lacie. I wish I could say what it is but it’s going to remain a secret until she receives it. All I’m saying is that I want one myself.

Now that that’s complete and I have foam heads, I’m going to be working on completing the fin for the Knight’s Helmet. It shouldn’t take too long to complete. After that I’m not sure what I’ll do. I found out that my town does a monthly farmer’s market/craft fair from May-October. So I’ll probably start working on small items that I can sell there. Should be fun to make a bunch of baby things again and a bunch of dish clothes. Other than that I don’t really have anything big to work on.

Keep an eye out for that lizard pattern. I’m thinking of posting it real soon.

On the Hook:

  • Knight’s Helmet
  • CAL Textured Blanket x 2
  • Pay-It-Forward #2

The Craftys update and a package

Not much has been going on over here lately. I’m slowly getting votes on my Skyrim Helmet over at The Craftys. Please keep them coming!! Just make sure you log-in with either the Facebook or Twitter icons that are under the description. After that just click on the little silver heart. Thank you so much!

The Skyrim Helmet was my second original design. What was my first you ask? Good question. It was an amigurumi lizard. (For those of you who don’t know what amigurumi means, it’s Japanese for a crocheted or knitted stuffed toy) I know, totally different direction. A few years back, 4 actually, I wanted to make my boyfriend’s cousin a lizard for his birthday. I wasn’t happy with what I had found online and decided to make my own. I based my design off some pictures of lizards I had found on the web. I think he turned out awesome and the little man loved him!

Well I had been wanting to go back and take a second look at what I had crudely written down many years ago and when better than during The Craftys! Turns out I had written down the pattern pretty awesomely. I then took some photos and entered him into The Craftys as well. So if you don’t mind, please vote for him in the same manner! Thank you much!! As with the Skryim Helmet, I’ll get around to writing and posting this pattern as well.

Award shows aside, over the weekend I had gotten an Amazon package in the mail. I was pretty excited. I had ordered some foam heads!!! a Tunisian hook, and some yarn. Yarn was awesome, the hook as well (I’m eager to learn how to do Tunisian crochet). Sad thing is my heads weren’t awesome. Both the male and female heads are tiny, a circumference of only 20 inches! My head is 21 inches!! I’m not sure how I’ll use the male head when working on Luke’s hats because his head is 23 inches around!! The male’s nose is also smushed a tad. And the female’s base is broken so she doesn’t stand. Oy vey to the max. I’ll just have to learn to work with it I guess.

One of the yarns I got is Lion Brand’s Fun Fur in black. Thanks to Luke’s suggestion I’m going to work on a mullet hat. Yep, a hat that will look like the mullet hair style. Business in the front and party in the back baby! hahah The second yarn I got is Lily’s Sugar ‘n Cream in Sage for one of my Pay-It-Forward projects. I started working on it over the weekend and hope to finish during the week. Can’t tell you what it’s going to be until I give it away. Just know that it’s going to be awesome and I’ll probably end up making one for myself.

But that’s all here. Please vote!! Thank you much!!

On the Hook:

  • Pay-It-Forward (Lacie)
  • Fin for Skyrim Helmet
  • CAL Textured Blanket x2

The Craftys

I discovered The Craftys just a few days ago. Immediately I had to do some investigation work because I wanted to know more. And boy did I. As their banner says, it’s “An annual competition celebrating the best in Craft”. This is actually the first Craftys so I’m even more excited. There are 10 different craft categories that one can enter and then be judged on. Anyone can enter, anyone can vote. But then there are judges who award prizes in each category and a “best in show” winner as well. Voters are also entered to win prizes as well. Pretty exciting right? Well for me it got better…..

I entered!! First time ever that my work is out there and being judged. I decided to enter the Knitting & Crochet category (obviously). What did I enter you ask? My Skyrim Helmet! I know I know I haven’t blogged about it yet (it was made two years ago so way before the blog) but I might this week just to tell you more about it. So I’m pretty excited because it was my 2nd ever original design. (Yea it’ll definitely get its own post soon)

So I have a favor to ask of all you readers. I would greatly appreciate it if you were able to check out my Skyrim Helmet and vote for it. Voting is super easy. Just click on the little heart under the picture after loging-in with Facebook, Twitter, Google, or LinkedIn and you’re done! As of right this second I have 3 votes. Let’s keep them coming!! Voting ends May 26th!!

Thank you all sssooooo much!!!!!!

Christmas talks

Last year I ran into a HUGE problem for my Christmas gifts … I was running out of time. And fast. So I had to cut corners.

This year I plan to learn from my mistake and make a change. I’m starting on Christmas gifts now! You heard me right. I said now. I know I know, but May just started. Well 10 gifts at least plus what ever life decides to throw my way I thought starting now (instead of October like last year) would be better. Gives me more time.

The first gift I’m working on is for my baby sister Eden. My other sister got a blanket a few years back and now it’s her turn. I showed her Red Heart’s CAL blanket that I’m working on for myself and she told me she wanted it in royal blue and orange. Such a strange color combination but then again it’s not my blanket. Well easy enough I thought since it’s a CAL and a new square is released every 2 weeks. So right now I’m playing catch up and doing the old squares in her colors. Soon enough they will all be done. I think there’s only like 3 more squares that are a secret and then I’ll learn how to block them all and attach them. Not sure which color I’m going to use to do that.

But here’s what I have so far

There will be 20 squares total, 10 blue and 10 orange. All the orange ones will be the typical granny square. Each blue one will be different. Red Heart is calling it the Checkerboard Textures Throw. Good name I think, describes it nicely. I hope to get all caught up here soon because I’m thinking of entering The Craftys and if I do that I want to make up my original lizard amigurumi pattern. Think I should enter? I have two weeks.

On the hook:

  • CAL Textured Blanket x2
  • Pay-It-Forward for Erin
  • Fin for Knight’s Helmet

Knight’s Helmet

I finished a project over the weekend!! Well mostly finished. I still have one part to make and then sew on but I’m waiting for that until my foam head arrives in the mail because I think it’ll be easier to attach that way. What I have (mostly) finished is Luke’s Knight’s Helmet!! I’m super excited because it had been taking me a little while mostly because I kept pushing it to the back burner. And then with the whole there not being a gauge to go with the pattern thing I had to frog it a couple of times to get it to fit right. But it all worked out in the end and he loves it so far! Without further ado I will post a few ‘teaser’ photos. There will be more once it’s completely finished.


I went a little different from the pattern. Mostly because there was no gauge and I like to put my own little take on things.

First difference: I used my own pattern for the main part of the hat. I used the technique found at Slugs on the Refrigerator to be able to make a custom fit. I pretty much use this guy every time I make a hat.

Second difference: I used two different shades of gray at the same time instead of two strands of the same gray. That was Luke’s choice. I let him have full rein of the finished project since it is his.

Third difference: I added some stitches and rows to the neck protection area. But that was solely to please his majesty.

Fourth difference: I added a third strand of gray (yet a different color) to the visor to add that bit of glitter you see there.

Fifth difference: I had to add a few rows onto the largest size of the visor even though Luke was measured as needing the medium size. Not sure if this was due to lack of gauge or he has a larger forehead/face. But that wasn’t too big of a problem.

So I have a foam head coming in and when it gets here I plan on adding the fin to the top. I’ve had some issues in the past with getting the extras to line up straight on hats before so I’m hoping having a foam head to place it on will help a lot and make it a bit easier.

The free pattern can be found on Ravelry HERE

On the hook:

  • Red Heart CAL Textured blanket
  • Pay-It-Forward for Erin