New and Exciting things!

Ok so where have I been? Because I was doing really well there for a while. I had at least one sometimes three new posts a week! So what happened? I don’t really know. Life? My last post was about the Kitty Turn Tail Coasters. I was asked to create some dog ones. I did. I never posted a pattern 😦 Then I took a trip in April with my aunt to Arizona to surprise my pop-pop (we pulled it off fabulously and it was a wonderful week) Roughly 9,000 friends announced they were have babies this year, one of them with twins! I got caught up in baby things.

Then it was summer so Luke and I took trips and hosted people. I designed some more. Say whaaat?! I now have my fifth pattern written down. Does that make me an official designer now?! I plan to help a fellow crocheter with some graph designs starting next week too. And now I’m teaching beginner crochet classes at my local yarn shop!! I think this might actually be my first time sitting down at the computer since my last post. So my apologizes.

I hope that starting Monday (because all new life plans start on Mondays) I can get back to where I left off and getting caught up on all those older projects that I haven’t blogged about. And I’m going to start off with a small goal of one post per week. This way I can really kick myself if I don’t get one posted.

Things you can look forward to? More of those pattern review posts that I’ve made. Most definitely a free Doggie Turn Tail Coaster pattern and the graph collaboration. Maybe even more of my own designs if I feel up to sharing them with the world. There’s some things I’d rather just be one of a kind works of art. Maybe once I get back to a routine I’ll start doing some new things like cute themed pattern round ups. Or highlighting patterns on my ever growing to-do list 🙂 Sound like a good plan to you guys??

On The Hook:

  • Triangle Scarf for class
  • Baby items for E
  • Mandala Shrug for Me!

It’s my birthday!!

Woohoo!! I always like to spend today working on something for myself because well, it’s my birthday. But also because I don’t normally make things for myself. And with it being right after the holidays and having spent what seems like forever making things for everyone else, it’s a nice change to make something for me 🙂

What I forgot about and remembered yesterday is that I’m celebrating my 10 year crochet-iversary!! It was 10 years ago during my winter break somewhere in the end of December / beginning of January that my mom taught me to crochet! I picked out a pretty pink yarn (Lion Brand Homespun) and a pretty colored hook (Boye 5.0mm). I learned how to chain and do double crochets and tried to make a scarf. Believe it or not, I wasn’t very good. I kept dropping the last stitch of the row because I couldn’t tell it was there thanks to the yarn. So my scarf edges were super wobbly and it ended in a point 😐 yaaaaay I eventually went back, frogged it, and redid it. It came out a perfect rectangle. I did what I still do now, I gifted it to a really good friend. So I don’t have it or any pictures.

But guess what I do have??! Some of that exact yarn!!! This is what I’m going to use for my birthday project 🙂 I’m so excited! And this time I’m going to keep it!! I’m not sure what I’m going to make because I only have the one skein. So I’m going to look through my stitch books and pick something out I like and make another scarf, most likely. I’m not sure what else to make with one skein besides a hat and I just made myself another one of those (first project of 2017 but it’s a test so I can’t show you yet!)


I use Ravelry to help keep track of my projects but I haven’t always used it. I joined in 2011 and as of right now I have 208 projects! I know that’s not even all of them since 2011. Some of those I grouped together and some I never added. And then there’s everything I did before then! Countless items. Can’t wait to see what I make today and in the next 10 years!

On the Hook:

  • Birthday Item
  • Baby G’s things
  • Bacon and Eggs Scarf

Back on Track

Ok. I know I haven’t posted in over a month. There’s a few reasons for that.

1. I haven’t really done too much crocheting.

2. That’s because I went camping over the 4th of July weekend.

3. There was a death in the family and I didn’t feel like doing much of anything.

So all of July was spent with family, eating bad (for you) foods, boozing, and not really paying attention to anything of importance. Luke and I still went on our mini vaca to visit a friend and went to the fair. Saw my first concert ever!! Florida Georgia Line! They were pretty awesome. Then football camp started, it was Luke’s birthday, etc. But I think I’m ready to get back to crocheting now.

I gave that adorable Frozen hat to the lucky birthday girl a few weeks ago. I have a picture of her wearing it somewhere, I’ll post it when I find it.

I found out two of my cousins are having babies!! One (C) is having her first in December and she’s not finding out the gender. The other (D) is having his second in January and they should find out by the end of the month. I’ve already started on C’s things since they have to be gender neutral. She asked for one of those cute baby bear hats, so I stuck with an animal theme. I’ve made that along with a spiked dinosaur hat and a red and white baseball brimmed hat since her and her husband love the Phillies. I’ll wait to find out what D is having before making his things. I do know that I plan on making something Flyers related. Maybe a black, orange, and white striped hat? Something to just get the point across.

As far as Christmas presents are going, I’m 1.5 squares away from finishing Eden’s blanket before sewing them together and adding a boarder. They look really nice though. (I’ve farther behind on mine) I’ve made the bodies and one head to the shepherds for Monica. And that’s about all I’ve done so far. Joe’s getting a new hat because the one I made last year was too big. Not sure what I’m making Marissa or my mom yet. I think I’m going to make a Saint Francis doll for Pap. Erin’s probably getting a pillow (she knows that already). And I haven’t made ANY headway on Luke’s 300 helmet so he’s suggested making a Colossus doll since I have Allison Hoffman’s book AmiguruME that I haven’t used yet. I also have a commission that I’m hoping to have done by Christmas as well. Won’t be getting the yarn for that for another two weeks so I’m gonna bust my butt here.

Also I’m doing a new test for Creative Threads by Leah. I’m not sure what all I can say so I won’t say anything. Except that I couldn’t refuse since I live in western pa 🙂

Hoping to have lots of finished projects and pictures soon!!

More Updates

As you have noticed, there was another big gap in my posts. We sent our computer away again to get some fancy updates and things that it needed. But it’s back for good!! YAY!! With that being said, I have a few updates.

I’ve still been working on the Clearfield helmets. I believe I have gotten all the sizes correct. Just need to add the center stripes on each size and the patterns are finished! Then I’ll move onto Curwensville’s helmets.

I made a sale!! One of Luke’s cousins saw a Queen Elsa from the movie Frozen styled hat on the internet and asked if I could make one for her daughter. Of course I said yes! Since she really wanted the one she found I gave in and bought it rather than trying my best to make one like it, that and I had never done hair before and didn’t want to mess it up. So the pattern for one I made can be found HERE for sale on Etsy. It was really simple and easy to follow. The only change I made was I used my own beanie pattern because there was no gauge or finished measurements for the sizes. Didn’t bother me any because I wanted the pattern for the crown (which I easily could have made myself it was that easy) and the hair. It’s super adorable and pictures will be posted when it’s not raining for a week straight so that I can get some good light.

I have been named a tester for a great gal named Leah of Creative Threads by Leah!! It’s pretty exciting actually. I started earlier this week by making some amazingly adorable Doctor Who drink sleeves. I’ll post pictures when the patterns are released, which will be soon I think, only because I’m not entirely sure when I’m allowed to post them to the public. So better save than sorry right? Right.

I’ve also started on some Christmas presents! I know, it’s still June right? Well if I’m making my own patterns and testing now then I definitely need to start cracking on Christmas. As you know I’m still working on that blanket for my sister. I’m only two squares behind thanks to the computer not being here but since it’s back I’ll be able to print out the patterns and hopefully catch up before the tutorials for how to sew them all together. I also started making Luke’s mom’s present. I’m not sure if she reads this but it doesn’t matter because she knows what she’s getting. It’s more pieces to what I gave her last year. Only she doesn’t know what order she’s getting them but she should. Together everything will make a nativity scene. She already has Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus. Wonder what she’ll get this year……

Oh and I’m teaching myself Tunisian today!! It’s going pretty well but I can’t figure out how to stop it from curling. I might have to learn to block! :0 gasp!

Updates Galore

First things first. I will update you all on what I’ve done during my hiatus. The first item I completed was another Pay-It-Forward! This one for my friend Lacie. I made her a market tote bag using Moogly’s pattern which can be found HERE. I made it using Lily Sugar ‘n Cream cotton in Sage and Brown. I added a round on the bottom to make it a bit wider and 5 more rounds to the body to make it a bit taller. Other than that I made no changes. I love how it turned out and will most likely make myself one at some point.

The second item I finished was a pair of barefoot sandals using AB Creations’ pattern which can be found HERE. My sister asked me for them for an upcoming trip. I said no problem! (I have secretly been wanting to make a pair anyway). Now I’ve tried making doilies before using crochet thread and it didn’t turn out so I was a little apprehensive. But I bought the embroidery floss the pattern called for and didn’t have any problems! Needless to say I might try making doilies again! Most definitely going to make myself a pair of these!


The third item I finished was the fin on the Knight’s Helmet. Finally!! I just hate sewing things and put it off til I can’t stand at looking at the unfinished item any longer. All I did differently with the fin was add a second dc to the point of it. It looked more pointy to me that way. I don’t have any pictures of the finished item yet but when I do I’ll post them. The pattern can be found HERE.

As for what’s currently on the hook, I’m still getting those squares done for both my sister’s and my blanket in the Red Heart Yarn CAL. I think I’m only one square plus 9 granny’s behind on each blanket. I just ran out of royal blue today with 10 rows left on the one square. I’ll be putting that guy aside until I get more.

I’m also working on my own design! Very exciting! I found that the next town over has a farmer’s market/craft show one weekend a month from April-September and it’s free to vendors!! So I’m starting to make up some things to sell there. You know, dishcloths and scrubbies, little things mostly. But what I hope to be my best seller is my own creation. I’m making patterns for a football helmet styled hat from newborns to adults! I’ve pretty much finished with the ones for the neighboring town, just need to make the pattern for our town. Our towns are 10 miles apart so I feel the need to do both. And this area is a HUGE football area. Friday nights during the fall are spent in the stadiums. The whole town shuts down and everyone goes. It’s pretty cool. Our stadium is along the river and it’s really pretty. Ok enough about football. I’ve finished the bodies of a few of the neighbor’s hats, when I get the finishing touches (the stripes going down the helmets which really lets you know what team it’s for) I’ll be posting pictures!! Same goes for our town!

Something I’m also pretty excited about…. I bought my first two patterns over the weekend! The first one is Reversibots by Snappy Tots which can be found HERE. I’ve been admiring this pattern for ages and when I saw it was going to retire I knew I just HAD to have it! And now I do 🙂 The second pattern I bought is Elsa of Arendelle (Frozen) hat by Heather Holder of HH Crafts and can be found HERE. The reason I bought this is because one of Luke’s cousins has asked me to make one for her daughter! I’m excited because not only is this another commission but it’s for an adorable hat from a movie I love! This little girl is going to go absolutely nuts when she gets it.

I believe I’ve updated you all on what went on and is now going on over here in my little world. I’ll make sure to upload pictures of the finished Knight’s Helmet hopefully this week!