Egg Cozy

For Easter of 2015 I wanted to make up a quick table decor for dinner. I found this awesome egg cozy that holds six eggs but really as many as you want. I used Lily Sugar’n Cream cotton yarn in the Summer Twists colorway. I picked this because it was the most Eastery color I had at the time.

egg cozy1.jpg

We eat extra large eggs in this house and the pattern didn’t hold that size as well as I would have liked. So I made a new one. I added two stitches per egg hole and three to the last one. If I had had more yarn I also would have added another row or two. Even though it is used with hard boiled eggs I still wanted the extra height for added stability.

egg cozy2.jpg

I really love how it’s made up in a line so I can easily manipulate them into any shape I’d like. For that matter I wouldn’t mind adding a few more holes for more eggs. This way they can go all the way around the bottom of a bowl or a plate on the dinner table. Can’t wait to make some more for this Easter

On the Hook:

  • Hufflepuff Scarf
  • Hearts Doily
  • Santa Pillow
  • Baby Girl items