Soot Sprites!

If you don’t know yet I’m a huuuuuge Studio Ghibli lover. I’m slowly amassing my Blu-ray and paraphernalia collections. My absolute favorite movie (that I’ve seen) is Kiki’s Delivery Service! On my personal to-do list is Jiji the cat. But I’m not here to talk about me! I previously made my best friend E two Ghibli themed gifts in the past, No-Face and The Duck Spirit. Both of those are from Spirited Away, E’s favorite movie. I wanted to make her something quick for her birthday and what better than these little soot balls?!


Soot Sprites are little creatures created from soot to work in the boiler room of the bath house in the movie. They’re adorable little fluffy balls. They have little arms and legs and love to eat little candies. I used RHSS and Lion Brand Fun Fur in black with a 5.0mm hook. I used Nichole’s Nerdy Knots’ Soot Sprite Pattern to make these. I used pieces of a black sock as the filling and hot glued eyes on the front.


These came out so stinkin’ cute!! I need to make many of these for myself to keep in corners of rooms 🙂 And I couldn’t resist this little photo shoot with them!


On The Hook:

  • Graph Designing (almost done!)
  • Chevron Blanket
  • Baby Boy things

Nemo Hat

Whenever I hear of someone having a baby my immediate reaction (besides the obvious first thought of ‘oh wow congratulations this is an amazing thing I’m so happy for you guys!’) is ‘what am I going to make?’ Sometimes it’s very easy and ideas just start pouring. Perfect example is winter babies. Whip them up a hat or two, some of those baby mittens, maybe a pair of socks if I feel up to those. I just have to come up with a color or theme. Other times I have to think for what seems like ages. Especially if it’s for a friend that I thought I knew until I started thinking and then realize ‘jeez after knowing this couple for X years I know nothing‘ Well at least I feel that way sometimes. That kind of happened with this gift.

So we met E and S at one of L’s infamous parties because they’re neighbors. Now we see them basically every time we’re at L’s and Luke talks to S pretty regularly. Particularly thanks to a mobile game that I will not be getting into. Seriously, don’t start me on that. But they announced they were having a baby girl and WOOHOO! In the summer ….. What do I make a summer baby?? Yea I just made a bunch of baby sandals but do newborns really keep things on their feet?


Then someone (probably Luke, darn his good ideas) suggested just making a bigger hat to wear in the fall. Brilliant! Now the issue was what kind of hat do I make?? I asked S if there was anything E really liked and he told me about Nemo. Perfect! So then I was on the hunt for a pattern. And I found one! Thanks to Pinterest I found Natasha’s Crochet Clownfish Hat. This would be great to use for all the fishy pieces. Then I needed a hat base. In walked Leah. Well she sent me a Facebook message because she lives very far away. She needed people to test her new Basic Beanie! I signed up for the Infant Basic Beanie and fell in looooove. Met her gauge perfect, the beanies always work up the perfect size every time, and it’s a lot less headache because I don’t have to make my own anymore!! It’s now my go to beanie. I’ve made 11 of the infant sizes since August 2015. Did I mention her basic beanie includes all sizes from preemie through large adult?? Seriously love this woman.


I decided to go with the 3-6 months size, a 4.25mm hook, and Red Heart Super Saver in Pumpkin, Black and White. I worked the beanie as is with no issues. I worked up the details as written with the only ‘issue’ being in the Tail Fin where it says to TURN. After reading some comments what she means is Turn and continue working in the back of the original chain. Other than that little bit of confusion I had no problems! Woohoo!! End result is an adorable clownfish aka Nemo beanie. I mean, how cute is little baby E in her hat??


Now I just need to think of something for their second child, a spring baby…….

On the Hook:

  • Baby G’s things
  • Birthday Scarf
  • Bacon and Eggs Scarf

Winnie the Pooh – Amigurumi

This was the last gift for Luke’s cousin but naturally it was completed AFTER baby boy arrived. Speaking of, she had her second baby! Baby Girl arrived the other day and both mommy and baby are healthy 🙂 Yay! Anyways, I wanted to make a stuffed Pooh for her but I wasn’t happy with what I had made in the past. Mine didn’t look anything like the pattern pictures, he came out really fat so I had to adjust the shirt, and overall I just wasn’t happy. So I sought out a better pattern.


And I found one!! I used this Winnie the Pooh pattern by Novedades Jenpoali found HERE. But there was a problem. It was in Spanish 😦 I don’t speak Spanish. Yes I had one marking period of it way back in 6th grade but I didn’t learn crochet terms!! Since I couldn’t find anything else I really liked I took on the task of translating. I found translation charts and sat down. Took me forever but I had got it!! Well, for the most anyways. I couldn’t figure out the black nose bit so I just embroidered that.


I love him!!! I don’t remember how tall he turned out, definitely a lot taller than the previous! I added some beans in his butt for weight so he won’t tip as easily and so he’d stay sitting easier. The legs were a bit troublesome to attach. Just to make sure they laid flat as he sat. I absolutely love him!! He’s going on the never ending to do list for myself for sure!


I don’t do this often but I was able to deliver him in person!! Oh it was so awesome! Parents’ and baby’s reactions were priceless! It’s most definitely my favorite part of making these gifts 🙂 ❤


On the Hook:

  • Baby G’s things
  • Birthday Scarf
  • Bacon and Eggs Scarf

Winnie the Pooh

Last Friday something very important happened to an old friend of mine. He turned 90!! I know you’re all probably thinking “But Jess, you’re only 28. How do you have a 90 year old friend?” That question is very simple to answer. Because my friend is the one and only Winnie the Pooh!

On October 14, 1926 Winnie the Pooh was published. He was already around for 60ish years and had several books, comics, movies, and a TV show before we were introduced.

I was given a stuffed Pooh on my baptism when I was a month and one day old. He was also my very first stuffed bear! Believe it or not my first stuffed anything was a bunny. Ever since that day he has never left my side. He was my favorite growing up. We had lots of play time (including tea parties) and he’s helped me through some scary nights and sick times. I also took him to college with me!! He’s never left my side in all these years. So I was very sad this morning when I found out he had a big birthday and I had no idea!!

As you all know I test patterns for Creative Threads by Leah. Back in June I tested her adult basic beanie pattern (not released yet – will add link when it is). I decided since I don’t make many things for myself I was going to make something awesome. I settled on a Pooh look. Surprising right?? I don’t like sharing photos of unreleased patterns but I really wanted to to celebrate my excitement and Leah said I could!! So here’s my hat!!


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! And now that it’s cool out I can finally wear it and I can’t wait!! I hope to eventually make a Piglet and Tigger themed ones as well. Look for those in the next couple years hahah

So now I’m going to go watch one of my favorite movies (and you should too) to celebrate my favorite silly ol bear’s birthday!!