Snowman Wall Hanging

I believe this was my second crocheted Winter/Christmas home decor item. The first being Mr. Melty who now stays out all year because it’s more appropriate for him to be out in the summer. I’m realizing I’m now in a snowman decor rut and I have to break that up. Next I think I’ll make a Santa because I’m really into collecting and decorating with them over anything else.

This project was done using Charmed By Ewe’s Snowman Wall Hanging. I believe it was a CAL at the time. I remember completing this with a bunch of others on Facebook. I used RHSS in white, black, and cherry red, Red Heart With Love in Mango with a 5.0mm hook. When I first worked up this pattern I found a couple things to be off or not fully explained. Since comparing my notes to the pattern now it looks like it has been edited. So all I have to mention is things I did differently!


I took off two dc on the second row of the nose so mine doesn’t curve like hers. When I worked this up the staggering of the head was not explained at all. The pattern stated just to stagger the increases. So this what I did was on round 14 I did 3 sc and then an inc before following the pattern. And on round 15 I did 9 sc and then an inc before following the pattern.

I also then added some Holly Leaves that are designed by Oombawka Design. I used a piece of white yarn attached across the back of the head to hang it on the side of my kitchen cabinets. Makes me smile every time I see him 🙂 I’ll have to add an updated picture once I get some red buttons attached as the holly berries.

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Egg Cozy

For Easter of 2015 I wanted to make up a quick table decor for dinner. I found this awesome egg cozy that holds six eggs but really as many as you want. I used Lily Sugar’n Cream cotton yarn in the Summer Twists colorway. I picked this because it was the most Eastery color I had at the time.

egg cozy1.jpg

We eat extra large eggs in this house and the pattern didn’t hold that size as well as I would have liked. So I made a new one. I added two stitches per egg hole and three to the last one. If I had had more yarn I also would have added another row or two. Even though it is used with hard boiled eggs I still wanted the extra height for added stability.

egg cozy2.jpg

I really love how it’s made up in a line so I can easily manipulate them into any shape I’d like. For that matter I wouldn’t mind adding a few more holes for more eggs. This way they can go all the way around the bottom of a bowl or a plate on the dinner table. Can’t wait to make some more for this Easter

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