Infant sunhat

Last night I finished another project. This one is the first finished of my 5 Pay it Forwards that I’m doing. My cousin A signed up for it and asked that her gift be for her new daughter L instead. I said no problem! I do love making baby things. I have been wanting to make a sunhat for her for a while now so I thought this would be perfect! I found a free pattern while browsing Ravelry and fell in love. So I grabbed some Lily Cream n Sugar yarn that I had laying around from a previous project and got to work. One day later it was completed! Little baby L is 7 months old but I made it a little bigger so that it will hopefully fit her throughout the whole summer. She’s also a fast growing baby and I didn’t want her to outgrow it too early in the season (it’s still only in the 40s!)

I’m not going to take any pictures now only because I’ll be seeing her in a week or so and will then have an adorable model as well! So when I come back from visiting home I’ll have pictures and more details about the hat! 🙂

Mom’s present – tile coasters

Finished my non-yarn project!! You know, that breakable Christmas present I’m making for my mom, the tile coasters. I’ve done them several times before using scrapbook paper or clippings from magazines but this was my first time using actual photos. I must say, making them was exactly the same and I LOVE how they turned out. I might make these using only photos from now on. So let me explain how I did this.

Firstly I gathered all my materials. Some 4×4 inch tiles from Lowe’s (mine cost me $0.16 a piece!), Mod Podge (I used the matte finish), a sealer of some sort (I’ve tried Valspar’s perfect finish clear sealer before and it didn’t work so now I’ve switched over to using Rust-oleum’s ultimate polyurethane), some paint brushes, and some felt backing (I picked up a package from Ollie’s of green felt pads to put on the bottom of furniture with the sticky backs for a few bucks).

Secondly I cut the photos to fit the 4×4 inch tile. I put a thin coat of Mod Podge on the back of the photo and pressed it to the front of the tile. Make sure you press it down real good and get all the air bubbles out. Then I put a coat of Mod Podge on the front of the picture to make sure it stays down. It says on the bottle to let it dry for 20 minutes but I always let mine dry over night just in case. I then put a second coat on the front of the photo and let dry. Next comes the polyurethane. Put one thin coat on first, let dry, then put on a second.

When everything was dry I flipped them over, cut the felt to size, and stuck those babies on. And viola! Coasters. I didn’t think up this idea on my own. I had seen it floating around Pinterest for the longest time before attempting my first coaster over a year ago. With some trial and error this is the method that works best for me. You might find something else you like.

Don’t be scared by the people in these photos. My goal behind choosing these pictures was to make sure we were all making funny faces. My mom’s super deep in empty nest syndrome with me (her oldest) having moved out a few years ago the same time her only son joined the Marines, and my 19 year old sister being half moved out she’s only got my 13 year old sister left at home. We’ve always been a super goofy type of family so using pictures like these were a no brainer. They capture all of us perfectly. And my mom’s super sentimental so I know she’ll love them. And she’s always complaining that she doesn’t have coasters so I know they’ll be used too.

A God is Born

Normally I’m been posting in the mornings but I have some GREAT news …….. I FINISHED LOKI!!! I was updating my Ravelry account and thought I would update here as well. He took me about a month to make but that’s only because he kept getting pushed to the end of the WIP line 😦 poor guy. Good side is that he was only a week late as an anniversary gift instead of the few months late that my projects usually are for L. Anyways, he was super easy to make because he was pretty much the same pattern as Thor which I made last year. L absolutely LOVES him! As do I. Tomorrow Thor and Loki will be going back into L’s classroom (he teaches algebra 2 at the local high school). Thor’s been missing for the past month so we’re both eager to see how long it takes his kids to figure out Thor’s back and Loki has joined.

So without further ado…. here are Loki’s fabulous glamor shots!

had to make them reenact L's favorite scene from the movie

had to make them reenact L’s favorite scene from the movie

I can not take credit for either of these patterns. I found both patterns via Ravelry on the blog Over the Bifrost: Loki’s pattern and Thor’s pattern

Project updates

Not much has happened since my last post. I haven’t used that beautiful new yarn yet. I’m trying to finish my many WIPs before starting something for myself. No surprise there. I’ve made myself only 5 things in the 7 years I’ve been crocheting. 3 projects for myself have been on hold for several years now. I just love the giving more I guess.

Anyways…. the 15th was L’s and my 4 year anniversary. No not married, just dating. Still a crazy long amount of time. We went out for a nice lunch and a day shopping. We got some wine from a local winery that we haven’t been to before. Twas tasty. We spent the nice watching our yearly movie (A Knight’s Tale) and A Very Potter Sequel. His present wasn’t finished on time. (They never are. His get pushed to the side just like mine) But I’ve been working on it all week. He’s getting the Loki amigurumi I’ve been talking about. It will match the Thor ami he already has. The horns are already being starched. While they dry I just have to put on the eyes and hair. Then I can sew the horns on and he’s finished. I’ll get to his staff at some point. I’ll have to go get some Popsicle sticks or something.

I’m also going home to visit my family in two weeks for two weeks. (Won’t be able to post during that time) So I’m working on my mom’s Christmas present this week. Yes yes I know Christmas was 3 months ago. Well what I’m making her isn’t yarn and is breakable so I didn’t want to mail it and I knew I would be going to visit her around this time. I always do. And we always exchange gifts at this time. What am I making her you ask? I’m making her tile coasters with pictures of myself, brother, and sisters on them. I’ve made them before for myself and friends using scrap paper but this will be my first time using actual pictures. I started a tester coaster last night. Hopefully it doesn’t get ruined or else I won’t have anything else to give her! :0

So next week I hope to have pictures of Loki and the coasters for you guys 🙂

New Yarn!!

So I have some GREAT news. Last week or so I won a contest Moogly was having for a free skein of yarn from Yarn Baby LLC. It just got here! I’m super excited because I was able to pick the color scheme as well. I picked Vintage Rose which is a cream, pink, and gray coloring. Ready to see some pictures?!
Vintage Rose from Yarn Baby LLC

Look how pretty!

Look how pretty!

I know there’s a scarf hiding in there somewhere just begging to be made! Someday soon I will get to you beautiful yarn. Very soon….