Bacon and Eggs Scarf

I was a fan of Full House growing up. I was excited and a little nervous (what if it was bad) to hear that Netflix was doing a Fuller House show! I gave it a shot and boy was I not nervous anymore! I laughed along with all my friends.

One of the things I like about both shows is Kimmy Gibbler. She’s very unique and goes through life to the beat of her own drum (like I believe I also do). Because of this she has a very unique fashion sense. And one of the items she wore on an episode of Fuller House was a bacon and eggs scarf!


I was freaking out because a crocheted item was on a newly popular show!! It became the talk of all the pages I follow. And it must have struck a nerve in the normal world because a friend of mine, L contacted me asking if I could make her her own!! Heck yes I would!

There was a pattern designer that I just had to go check out immediately to see if she had a pattern for this. Her name is Twinkie Chan and she designs THE BEST food patterns! Seriously, just take a look at some of these

I believe Kimmy has also wore a similar pizza scarf and maybe a cupcake one as well? I’ve only watched the first season so I’m not positive. Either way. I need all the food scarves!!

Twinkie Chan to the rescue!!! She has a pattern that is exactly like the one Kimmy wore. Maybe those in charge of costumes bought one from her? So I bought her Crochet Goodies for Fashion Foodies: 20 Yummy Treats to Wear book for Kindle and got to work!


I used Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Scarlet and Beige, RHSS in White and Bright Yellow, and a 5.00mm hook to complete the scarf. The pattern was extremely easy to read and follow! I had absolutely no problems. It was the perfect length for L! If I were to make one for myself I think I would add at least one more bacon and egg. I like really long scarves.


I doubled the egg whites so that it would have a plain back and it would make them a little more sturdy. I used scrap yellow yarn to stuff the yolks. I also sewed them all on in different spots to make it more real.

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Toddler Tool Belt

The fourth and final item in this order was for a tool belt in coordinating colors with the hard hat. These might have been the cutest toys I’ve ever made! And super easy too since there was no stuffing required!! I used My Sweet Potato 3’s Tool Belt – Hammer, Wrench, Screwdriver Pattern in size 3-6 months. I used RHSS in Gold, Blue, and Gray Heather with 5.5mm and 6.5mm hooks.


When I made this the stitch counts on the belt were off. The button whole was super off and the length wasn’t what it needed to be. Christine was fairly quick with her response. Facebook was acting up so the delay wasn’t her fault. It wasn’t long at all for her to fix everything.


I was a little confused with the wording on the head of the wrench. So I kind of just did what I thought looked good to me. I think it all worked out in the end.


I think my favorite part about this is that the tools and holder are one size and you can continue making bigger belts as the child grows! It would also be adorable in pink or purple for a little girl’s set. Girls need tools too!

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Construction Hard Hat

The third item from this order was for a construction worker’s hard hat. It was requested that the hat be yellow and there be a blue stripe to match the one worn by the recipient’s family member. Not a problem! I do aim to please 🙂 So off I went to find the perfect pattern and what I ended up using was My Sweet Potato 3’s Construction Hard Hat Pattern. I also used RHSS in Gold and Blue.

I couldn’t meet gauge (as usual with every pattern I try to make) so I did some math and using a 6mm and the 6-12 months pattern I would be able to get the finished measurements of the 3-6 month old. No biggie. I left off one round for the height difference.


The first time I did this all the ftpt dc’s spiraled 😦 I had a very close deadline on this so I fixed it on my own. Rather than doing a ftpt dc and then a hdc in the same st I did the hdc first and then the ftpt dc. That seemed to help make them go straight. I also always skipped the first st after the ftpt dc rather than the one before. Definitely happy with the second result.


The front brim also wasn’t centered. I counted back my 9 stitches, hdc the 16. But it wasn’t centered. I just added a couple hdc to make it equal on both sides.


I did surface slip stitches up the middle front to back to form a stripe per the customer’s request. I probably could have done a better job crocheting a separate piece and sewing it on but I thought surface slip stitch was the best option with all the ftpt dc

Overall I like how it turned out and the customer loves it

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Shark Socks

The same time my Aunt M placed the Cowgirl Hat order she also asked for these adorable Shark Socks for a friend’s baby. This pattern includes all sizes from an infant 0-9 months to a men’s 12! So basically all the sizes! It’s only a matter of time before I make a pair for myself heheh


I used RHSS in White and Gray Heather with a 3.75mm hook in the 3-6 month size. Surprise surprise I don’t have any notes about this. I think the only ‘real’ problem I had was that it was difficult to weave in all the ends. But that was probably due to the small size.


They turned out just as cute as the pattern picks! Most definitely need these in my size.

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Birthday Beanie

Woohoo!! I finally finished writing about all my projects from 2015 and reviewing their patterns!! Time to talk about 2016’s projects. And what better way than with my birthday gift to myself?! When I visit family out east I usually spend most of my time at my brother and sister’s place. They have two cats so I have to be really careful with what projects I bring with me. But last year wasn’t a problem since it was over my birthday I brought along the yarn I would need for my present to me 🙂

On Black Friday 2014 I picked up Red Heart With Love in Boysenberry and Peacock. The Boysenberry might be my most favorite color yarn to date. It sat in my stash just waiting for the perfect pattern. Turns out it was Crystalized Designs’s Ribbed Beanie Pattern!


To obtain gauge I needed to go up to a 6mm hook. I have a bigger head than what’s listed in the sizes so I knew I would have to ‘tweak’ the pattern a little. I was surprised at how little I had to do that! For the ribbing I added two more rows totaling 74 instead of 72. If I make this again I might add another chain or two to the beginning to make it a little bit wider. To join both sides I sl st through front loops of both edges.

The body of the hat I wanted a little loose. So I did a total of 28 rounds before the last two decrease rounds (rounds 7 and 8). If making this again I could probably do 26 rounds. Beginning on round 14 I changed back to the 6mm hook. And beginning on round 18 I changed to a 5.5mm hook.


I had all intentions of adding a pompom when I got home but it’s now the end of September 2017 and I still haven’t done that. Oops. I also attempted to make the matching Ribbed Mittens but they’re still thumbless. Double oops. But out of all the hats I have to wear in the winter this one is my go to!!

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