Deer Hat

The second item in this order I had was for a deer hat. I’ve made them in the past so this would be a piece of cake! I used CTbL’s Infant Basic Beanie pattern in size 0-3 months. For all the deer embellishments I used Repeat Crafter Me’s Rudolph the Reindeer Hat pattern. I used RHSS in Buff, Cafe Latte, and Coffee. I used a 4.25mm hook for the beanie, 5.5mm for the antlers, 3.75mm and 5mm for the ears.


I did not stuff the mini antler as I felt it didn’t need it. After stuffing the main antler I folded and sewed the bottom closed before sewing onto the hat. Turned out perfect!

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Baby Bear Beanie

These next couple of post will be about a custom order that I received while at a baby shower!! The first item I was asked to make was a baby bear beanie.

As per usual I used CTbL’s Infant Basic Beanie pattern in size 0-3 months. I also used Erban Studio’s Just Bear Ears pattern for the ears. I first used this pattern back in 2014 when making a bear beanie for a new baby cousin. It worked so perfectly the first time that I knew I would use it again this second time.


For the beanie I used RHSS in Coffee with a 4.0mm hook for the beanie and a 5.0mm hook for the ears. I also double stranded the ears to make them more sturdy. Perfect every time!

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Cowgirl Hat

My Aunt M came to me asking if I could make her granddaughters (my little baby cousins) a cowgirl hat that they could use for play time. And I said absolutely!! Cousin L is a year older so I had to make sure it would fit her. She’s got a giant head (she’s grown into it now haha) so I had to spend a little time finding a good hat that would fit her. That ended up being Crochet Jewel’s Cowboy or Cowgirl Hat pattern.


I used RHSS in Dark Orchid, Pretty n Pink, and Baby Pink with a 6.5mm hook. Couple of things with this pattern. There was NO GAUGE or finished measurements. I needed to go up a hook size while working double strands in order to get the finished circumference that I needed.

It’s not a problem with the pattern but it’s worked in a spiral. There’s nothing wrong with that except that personally I don’t like the way color changes look on a spiral. I will change that next time I make one. Also at the end of the brim, instead of three rounds of the main color I only did two before the contrasting. That is also just a personal preference.


Looking at the pattern now, it appears that finished measurements have been added. The main part of this is that the little girls LOVE their hat and play with it all the time!

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Ponytail Beanie

My first custom order for 2016 was from my Aunt T and she wanted a beanie that she could wear with a ponytail for winter walks. This was before the big Bun Beanie craze of last winter so there wasn’t a lot of patterns out there yet. But I found Danyel Pink’s Ponytail Beanie Pattern and it was great!


I used RHSS in Frosty Green with a 5.5mm hook.


I only did a few minors changes based on my aunt’s requests. I continued the increases on round 6. I made the ponytail hole 7 stitches wide instead of 5. I did a total of 16 rounds of dc and finished off with 2 rounds of sc. See? Nothing major!!

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Chevron Infinity Scarf

It’s late November 2015. I’m in a major cro-jo funk since my nanny had passed at the beginning of the month and I had just finished a week long visit to see my pop-pop in Arizona. It’s coming dangerously close to Christmas and I had nothing for my mom. I was starting to think I was going to have to buy something (when was the last time I bought someone a gift…?) because I just didn’t have it in me to pick up a hook.

I’m not sure exactly what got me started again but this was the first thing I sat down and started and finished since my funk. I wanted something to match the hat I made her earlier in the year. I stumbled on Dandelion Daze’s Chevron Infinity Scarf pattern and fell in love! I used RHSS in Black and Dark Orchid with a 6.0mm hook. I used her pattern exactly for the width and chevron look but not stripe order.


The coolest thing about her pattern was that she used a random stripe generator and it is amazing!! All I had to do was click my colors, how wide I wanted each stripe to be, and how many total rows I wanted. I just went with it a checked off 1-20 rows wide and I believe 200 rows total. Then I clicked the “Generate My Stripes” button and kept clicking refresh until I found a layout I liked. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


The one thing I did make sure of was that my first and last rows were the same color. I didn’t worry about that on the generator but just worked it in. I also bordered each side in black.


Now she has a truly one of a kind scarf! I need to make one for myself in a couple different colors I think. Definitely some pinks. Maybe a dark blue. Or a gray! The possibilities are endless!!

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