Beef n Beer Fundraiser lapghan

I finished the lapghan for the Beef n Beer yesterday! I love this pattern. It’s super easy and super fast and always looks amazing. I decided to stay neutral with the colors since it’s being raffled off so I went with 2 strands of black and 1 of white. It measures 37″ x 45″ not including the fringe. Looks pretty awesome I think 🙂

V-stitch Beef n Beer donation


Vince DiPaul Beef n Beer Fundraiser

On November 1st, 2011 my cousin Vincent passed away in a car accident. It was all very emotional because not even three weeks earlier I had moved 4.5 hours away from all my family. Well every last Saturday in April my aunt and uncle hold the Vince DiPaul Beef n Beer Fundraiser where all money raised goes towards the Vince DiPaul Scholarship Award and Football Coaches Award. These awards are given to graduating seniors from Spring-Ford High School. It’s a really great time. All the family gets together, and I mean ALL the family. We’re a huge Italian family so there’s roughly a million (give or take) people at this thing. And Vince’s friends come as well. There’s beef and beer (obviously) but also a ton of baskets that get raffled off. It’s a grande ol’ time and the money goes to a great cause.

This year sadly I can not make it because I accidentally scheduled my visit home for the wrong dates 😦 Instead I will be doing my first donation ever (of any kind) to the fundraiser. It will be the same V-stitch lapghan I made as the wedding gift last month only in black and white. I hope to finish it before my trip home this Saturday. I really don’t want to lug all the yarn needed on the train. Naturally I’ll post photos after it’s completed (hopefully tomorrow) and I’ll update you on how the fundraiser went. Even though I won’t be there I’ll be updated by a bunch of people. I’ll be eager to see who wins it too.

Well, back to the hook….