Psyduck Pokemon #054

Next in the line up of Pokemon for my sister was Psyduck. I found him completely adorable so I couldn’t pass up making one for her. I again used Nichole’s Nerdy Knots’ Psyduck Pokemon pattern. I also used RHSS in Gold and Vanna’s Choice in Beige with a 4mm hook. I only made a few minor adjustments to this pattern.

Firstly, I did NOT stuff the arms. It wasn’t mentioned to stuff or not so I started by stuffing and then pinning in place. They were waaaaay too bulky. Made it look like Psyduck works out haha. So I took out the stuffing and it was perfect. The arms can either lay flat or be squished to puff out a bit. I also sewed them on along round 9 and way down at the bottom


Two things with The Beak. First, it mentions removing a stitch marker but there was no mention of were to place the marker to begin with. I discovered that the marker should be placed at the first stitch of every round. It worked for me anyway. Second, I found the beak to be waaay too big. So what I did was take out 1 chain in the very beginning. So Round 1 started with ch8 and ended with 16 sc. Everything else is the same except that there is one less sc when there’s a few in a row. So Rounds 3, 4 and 6 have 5sc instead of 6. Round 7 has 4sc instead of 5.

On The Eyes I added in a black french knot BEFORE sewing onto the head. It worked out a lot easier.

The Feet really freaked me out. They looked super weird and I did not get why they were little tubes at all. I did Rounds 1-5 as written. But I finished them like The Arms. Instead of doing a row of sc to close it I just made the toes/fingers through both layers at the same time. I then sewed them on flat on the bottom/underside of him

I added a 5th round to The Tail so it would look more like the game. It went like this: 2sc, 2sc inc, 2 sc (8)

Because of all these changes I gave the pattern a 4 out of 5 stars and a medium difficulty rating.

On The Hook:

  • Mom’s Beanie
  • Tea Tray Doily
  • Knitted Beanie

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