Two weeks ago my boyfriend and I celebrated 5 years of dating!! So exciting! We celebrated the way we always do. Wine and cheese with ‘our’ movie A Knight’s Tale. We did some extra stuff this year though like going to see Cinderella, The Big Lebowski (for free at our local theater) and having dinner at Otto’s in State College. It really was a great weekend.

But you guys don’t want to hear about all that. I’m sure you want to hear about the gifts! We kept it small, as always. I got a Cinderella Barbie to add to my collection and I finally finished Colossus! I know you’re thinking, but wasn’t that supposed to be a Christmas gift? Yes, yes it was. But Luke’s gifts always get pushed aside but this one NEEDED to get done now. And that he did. So now I’m going to write about how I went about making him. So warning: this is going to be a long post.

colossus cinderella

First thing I did was grab my copy of AmigurME by Allison Hoffman. I bought this book for myself a while ago because I love the idea of custom dolls but didn’t know what to make first. Luke suggested his favorite X-Men and the rest is history. He’s chock full of suggestions and most of the time they’re really good/right. But ssshhhh, don’t tell him that! After searching for what seemed like months I finally found the perfect yarn! It’s called Purl Essence Sincerely Metallic in Glitter Gray and I found it at Jo-Ann. This color isn’t listed on their website though so that’s a little confusing. Then I looked through the book to figure out what all patterns I needed. Turns out I needed the long and narrow male head, basic top, muscular arms, bare legs and underwear, hi-top/boots, black wig cap, and belt. Plus a couple of my own.

I used this picture and an actual action figure that we have as inspiration

I used this picture and an actual action figure that we have as inspiration

Next I sat down and got to it. Since Colossus is a pretty big character (7’7″ at least when transformed) I decided to use my trusty 4.25mm hook. Thank goodness I did because the end result was on the better half of 15.5 inches. So he’s going to tower over all the X-Men I make. I plan to have an army, so what. First was the head. Followed that no problem. Next was the top/torso. He clearly has that V torso going on so I fiddled with the pattern a little to get that. I started adding increases on round 10. I made the same number of decreases as the book states. This way he got a nice thick neck. At the end I turned it and added some stitched to the back half of the neck so that it met his head easier. I like this better. This only might be because he has a thick neck. Then came the attaching of head to body. We had some shish kabob sticks handy so I just cut one of those in half.

Colossus in Progress Collage

Next came the arms. I didn’t even bother trying to make these thicker. I changed to red on rounds 6-8 to get those wrist bands he has with the least amount of sewing as possible. Worked out pretty well. Figuring out the wire directions where a little hard. I decided next time that I’m going to insert the wire BEFORE cinching the opening close because I think it’ll be a lot easier. But what I did was insert the wire through hand 1, up arm 1, through the body, down arm 2, and out hand 2. With a little help from Luke we were able to get this done in a little bit of time.


The last part of the body I had was the legs. I made lots of changes to these bad boys. I mean do you see those thighs?! I’d write out what all I did but it’s not going to help anybody unless you already have the book or another one of her patterns. I have it all written out in my notebook so if you really must have it then shoot me a comment or email and I can get those to you. But I added a bunch of increases and decreases in both the front and back of the thighs. The knee area and calf have the same math and the ankle ends up with the same number of stitches that the book states. This is only because I didn’t want to have to worry about messing up the boot pattern. Which I followed exactly! Except I stuffed the very end (so foot part) with popcorn kernels rather than stuffing. I didn’t want it to poof out too much with the stuffing and I wanted a little bit more weight. He’s very top heavy thanks to that giant head and torso.

Now I had to do the actual boot part. I followed the book for the red part of the book but then had to add the yellow section myself. I mean who else really wears boots like this. I see why she didn’t include it. But it wasn’t hard at all to figure out. I think took some Caron Simply Soft in Black to add the details of the top of the boots and called it a day.

Colossus Collage1

Next came the suit. Which I was left to my own brain to figure out. I really did try changing colors on the torso to make it work but it just wasn’t happening. So I was left to making a separate piece and sewing it on after. Which I hate. After a little trial and error I figured it out. First make the yellow part. One for the front, one for the back. Then sew them together at the top corners around his neck. I don’t have pictures but I pinned each side on him and then sewed the corners together. So he’s literally sewn into his clothes. Then came the hard part of crocheting the red edging while it’s on him. And figuring out how to get a nice pointy shoulder area. It wasn’t too hard and Luke was happy with my second attempt which was awesome. After that I used the red tails to sew the suit onto his body up to around his arms. I left the rest open. Looked better that way.

Only thing left was his belt. I followed the book but it wasn’t long enough. Not sure if it’s because I was using thicker yarn, bigger hook, or I over stuffed his waist but it just didn’t fit. That’s ok though because I needed that awesome X symbol. So I made a red circle and then used my trusty black to make an X. Around the edges of the red belt I surface slip stitched some Caron Simply Soft in Autumn Maize to get the effect that’s on the action figure. After lots of finagling to get everything attached, I pinned the belt on him and used the red to sew.

Colossus Collage2

Awesome!! Hair, ears, and eyes left! Hair was tricky. The base gray was slightly thicker than the Red Heart Super Saver Black I was using for the hair. So I had to bump up to a 5.00mm hook for that. It’s not in my notes but I did have to add on an extra round or two at the end to also make it long enough. Other than that the hair and ears were the same. Sewn on, done. Eyes were very tricky. Since he has white eyes and apparently no one makes craft eyes in white or with white pupils I had to make my own. I used some of that embroidery floss that I now have on hand. I made too many versions to count and pictures to go with them. Thankfully Luke ended up liking one of them. It was one where I made the outside black round pointy on opposite ends. They didn’t turn out that pointy after sewing them on but they’re not totally round which is what we were going for.

At this point I started jumping around because HE WAS DONE!!! Until Luke knocked me down a peg by saying “He doesn’t have a mouth” Ugh how could I forget the mouth?! Thankfully Luke only wanted a straight line. So boom bang FINISHED!!! And if I turn his leg so he’s ‘dancing’ like Elvis he stands on his own!! And he’s now sitting on our book shelf next to his Diamond Select Juggernaut and my only opened Barbie. She’s living the life right now I’ll tell ya 😉

Colossus Collage3

Next on my list is Wolverine! Hopefully these two will be able to do the Fast Ball special!! …. I might have picked up a few things while making him…