Baby Mittens

To go with both sets of hats for both cousins I decided to make each a pair of baby mittens. They were winter babies and babies need their hands kept warm too. I used Bella Bambina Knits’s Baby Mittens Pattern. I decided to err on the side of caution and use a 5.0mm hook because the pattern has no gauge and at the time my stitches were usually on the tighter side. I also only did the body of the mitten to round 8 instead of 9. I will also be making the tie longer than 50 chains just to make them a little easier to put on a squirming baby.

To match the Hungry Caterpillar Hat I used Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Kelly Green and Scarlet. To match the Striped Mustard Hat I used Red Heart With Love in Black and Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Mustard. Don’t be fooled by the picture. They are indeed the same size

On The Hook:

  • Baby B things
  • Graph Designing
  • Multi-directional Scarf

Minion Mittens

To go along with the Minion Hat I was asked to make simple matching mittens. I chose Brenda K. B. Anderson’s Mrs. Murdock’s Mittens. This may be the pattern I used to make my youngest sister mittens but I honestly don’t remember and that project was not logged into Ravelry it was that long ago! I used RHSS in Bright Yellow and blue with a 4.0mm hook. I gave this a 5 out of 5 stars and easy difficulty rating.


According to my notes my biggest issue was making an inbetween size than the pattern had listed. Based on R’s measurements I needed to make between a preschooler and older kid size. I wasn’t asked to make a different pair so I can only assume they fit! I will definitely be using this pattern again whenever I need a basic mitten pattern

On The Hook:

  • Baby Boy things
  • Graph Designing
  • Christmas things

Drinking Mitten

If you’re reading the title going “what the heck can that possibly be?” let me explain it for you. It’s a mitten but has instead a tube with a hole so that you can hold a drink while also keeping your hand warm! I’m not entirely sure why I decided to make this project. I think it was a little bit because it was campfire season, potential family secret Santa gift (too late I kept this one!), contest, and that I’m always cold.


This project was completed using A Crocheted Simplicity’s “Knot Knit” Coffee & Drink Mitt Pattern. I used RHSS in Frosty Green and Medium Thyme with 5.5mm and 6.0mm hooks. I remember not being able to get gauge exactly right and messaging Jennifer about it. She was extremely helpful in guiding me to make it fit. I did not have to add any rows onto the sleeve/tube part but I did have to add one stitch. Which did not affect the pattern.


I’m very visual so I relied heavily on the included pictures on sewing the sleeve/tube and attaching the cuff. The included pictures were for the “Winter Waves” Coffee & Ice Cream Mitt so those really threw me off and I had a really tough time visualizing. For something like this I take advantage of the way all the lines of the stitches go and I couldn’t do that because the Winter Waves uses different stitches and has different lines than the Knot Knit. It’s why I gave this pattern a 4 out of 5 star rating.


Since I had an extra stitch on the sleeve/tube I had to add an extra stitch on the joining. My cuff however still had 36 sts total. I thought the cuff was a little too tight for my liking and would either keep that extra stitch or use the same hook size as the sleeve/tube. I was also a little disappointed that she doesn’t have a matching regular mitten. In either of the Knot Knit or Winter Waves line. My other hand needs to be kept warm too!

On The Hook:

  • Graph Designing
  • Mandala Shrug
  • Baby Boy things

Ava Boot Cuffs

I can’t remember exactly why I decided to make these other than I knew they were going to be a gift to my great friend L. I can’t even tell you what made me go “L really needs a pair of boot cuffs” but something did and I made them. She’s told me she loves them and I got pictures way back in October 2015 when I gave them to her. She could be lying for all I know and I wouldn’t care. Because I asked her before hand if she would like some and she said yes. So if she doesn’t like them that’s on her 😉 But I really do think she does 🙂


The Ava Boot Cuff is from designer Michelle from Two Brother’s Blankets. I absolutely adore all her designs!! Her clothing is so amazing! Sadly, I have yet to make any of her other patterns 😦 One day though because I have several tops saved up for myself. Like the Camden Hat, Houston Hoodie, and Siesta Sweater just to name a few. If you’re not familiar with Michelle’s work you seriously need to go check her out. Like right now. Why are you still reading this?!


I used Red Heart Super Saver in Buff and Medium Thyme and a 5.5mm hook. Sadly, as with everything apparently, I wasn’t able to meet gauge. The pattern was simple enough that I was able to wing it for my measurements using the pattern as a guideline. And it worked out fabulous!! On the fourth round of the body of the cuff I changed to Medium Thyme and then back to Buff for the last two rows. Then to spice it up, I took a piece of the Medium Thyme and threaded it through the rows above and below the color stripe. And then I added a few buttons to each cuff as well. Now that I have boots that I wear pretty often I think I might need to whip myself up a pair, or two.


On the Hook:

  • Bacon and Eggs Scarf
  • Baby G’s things
  • Saint Francis doll

Removable Flower

I really like the idea of flowers on hats and headbands. They’re really cute and girls of all ages like them. The thing that I don’t like about them? Permanent attachment. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great idea for most projects. But there’s some I was always hesitant about. Like way back for my baby cousin L I made her a set of headbands with removable flowers. The button was attached to the headband and the flowers slipped over that. But I wasn’t fully happy because the headband could never be worn by itself. There was always that darn button. So I was on the hunt to find a truly and fully removable flower.

I believe it was Pinterest who came to my aid! I swear it’s always Pinterest. But I found this great idea over at Tw-in Stitches {a crochet blog} and she had the same problem / thoughts I was having! So I took her pictures and used her idea and ran with it. The result (just the same as hers) was AMAZING! A fully functional flower accessory that’s completely removable with no left overs! Woohoo! Now I’ll try to explain what I did.

So first I made my flower. I used Salena Baca’s 6 Petal Flower With Leaves but minus the leaves. Turned out rather nice don’t you think? It was a little confusing where exactly to put the sc between the petals so I had to fudge it and there was a prominent line between the first and last petals (at least to me). But still turned out so much better than all my previous flowers. Oh I suppose I should say I used a 5.5mm hook and Red Heart Super Saver in Pretty N Pink and With Love in Black and Gray and 3 big pink buttons.

Now comes the really cool removable part. Flip your flower over. I sewed a tiny little button to the back of petal layer number two. On the opposite petal (still in layer two) I attached my yarn and did what I believe is 3 sc. Then I went back and forth for a couple rows until the strap would reach across the back of the flower to the first edge of the button. Then I did a couple chain stitches and slip stitched it to the other side to form a loop that would go over the button. It looks like I did 4 chains. It was a tiny button. And that’s it!! Don’t forget to weave your ends! Those would definitely ruin the finished look.

You now have a flower that is 100% removable! All you have to do is insert the strap between two stitches on the hat, loop it around a couple stitches (to make sure its secure), poke it back through to the front of the hat and secure it with the button! Ta-da!! I haven’t tested this on any other flowers since but I believe it would also work. I made it three times using Salena’s flower.


Here’s M and her Mom both wearing the hats while she was getting her 4th of 6 chemo treatments 🙂

On the Hook:

  • Bacon and Eggs Scarf
  • Baby G’s things
  • St. Francis – possibly