Zebra Hat

The second gift I made for K was a zebra hat. This one couldn’t have turn out any better! I used RHSS in black, Big Twist Value in white, and Lion Brand Fun Fur in black with 4.0mm and 5.5mm hooks. Naturally for the base hat I used CTbL’s Infant Basic Beanie Pattern. Seriously, can’t get enough of it. I used the 0-3 month size. The first two rounds I did in black and the rest alternated with white. I did up to 12 dc rounds, then one hdc round, and finished with one sc round.


I used Adorably Hooked’s Newborn Zebra Hat Pattern for the ears and hair. I found her instructions to be quite easy to follow! I would definitely recommend this pattern to anyone wanting to make a zebra hat 🙂


Little Baby K doesn’t look too thrilled about this hat hahaha

On The Hook:

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  • Mandala Shrug
  • Graph Designing

Elephant Hat

Last year one of Luke’s good friends S and his wife K had little Baby K. She’s so adorable! October 2015 was her baby shower. Since she was due in January this was the perfect time to make some hats! And they needed to be amazing. So I picked an elephant, a zebra, and a basketball to please both parents. I’m not one to favorite the parents when I’m gift giving. So this will be a three parter and I’m starting with the elephant.


I searched high and low for the perfect elephant hat. What I really needed wanted to look awesome was the ears. And I just wasn’t finding something that spoke to me. Until Pinterest presented me with The Quirky Crafting Shmoogle Bean’s Newborn Baby Heffalump Crochet Pattern. Those ears!!! It was absolutely perfect! Now I could get to business.


I made a 0-3 month size so I changed the ears just a smidge to make them fit around the hat better. I also used Leah’s Infant Basic Beanie for the base. I used RHSS in Grey Heather and Pretty ‘n Pink with a 4.00mm and 5.00mm hooks. You all know how much I love Leah’s basic beanie so I won’t rant about it again! I didn’t write down what changes I made to the ears and it was so long ago that I don’t really remember what they were 😦 Sorry guys. If it helps I believe it was just to the lower ears.


I think the hat turned out absolutely adorable in the end!

On the Hook:

  • Floor Poof
  • Mandala Shrug
  • Graph Designing

Hockey Skates

Here’s the final gift for Baby L and the second piece to his hockey set, hockey skates!! Aren’t these so adorable!! I can’t get enough of these! As with the helmet I also made these for a second time. Be on the look out for that second review as well!


A while back I had won the entire pattern library of Newborn Knots! It was crazy awesome! She’s got some new stuff that I don’t have but that’s ok. Looking through her designs I thought that her Boys or Girls Baby Work Booties #11 pattern would be perfect for a pair of hockey skates! Just had to do some slight adjusting. I used RHSS in black and white, Purl Essence Sincerely Metallic in Glitter Gray and a 3.75mm hook.


On Round 3 of the soles I did the first sc in the same stitch rather than the next. I free handed the skate parts and attached those BEFORE working on the boot. I changed colors from white to black at the start of Round 4 rather than between the sole and boots. I did a total of 8 sc on the first row of the tongue rather than 7. See, only a few minor adjustments. They turned out so freaking adorable!!


On the Hook:

  • Baby Boy things
  • Mandala shrug
  • Graph Designing

Hockey Helmet

Here’s the second of three gifts for Baby L, the hockey helmet. I actually made another one of these earlier this year so look out for that second review.

I found Stitch 11’s Hockey Helmet and fell in love because it looked the most like a hockey helmet from what was available at the time. But there was a little problem. Hers was sized for 12 months and I needed 0-3. So I improvised!! I mostly did my own thing for the base and used her pattern and pictures as a guide for what I wanted my finished hat to look like. I used RHSS in black and a 5.5mm hook.


I like as little ends as possible so I cut out her Step 9 totally and incorporated it into the base of the hat. I’m not sure what rounds they were but when it came time for the ridges I did a whole round of sc in FLO. The next two rounds were normal dc rounds. I then did another round of sc in FLO. The next and last two rounds were done in sc as well. The first of these rounds the ear spaces were created (again different than Corina’s).

I figured out where the ears would be and chained 12 over that space. I don’t remember how many stitches I skipped in the ear space but based on pictures it looks like 7. Since there’s more chains than skipped stitches this helps create a bit of a loop. On the second and final round of sc I put one sc in each of the chains.


For the chin strap, I found the two middle stitches in one of the ear flaps and sc into both of those. I then went back and forth with rows of 2 sc until I thought the strap was long enough. I then sewed a button to the end of the inside of the strap. So that way when buttoned around the other ear flap it would be on the outside and not bother baby


Any guesses on what the second part of this set is?? Stay tuned to find out!!

On the Hook:

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  • Mandala Shrug
  • Graph Designing

Sorting Hat

Ok so getting back into the swing of things, this should be where I left off.

Luke’s cousin C told us that she was expecting a wee baby boy in October 2015. Yay! It was slightly pretty easy to figure out what I was going to make Baby L thanks to the interest of his parents C and J. C is really big into Harry Potter so what was better than a teeny tiny little sorting hat?? And J plays hockey so how about a little hockey set?? Adorable! Today’s post will be on the sorting hat (was it obvious?) and the next two will cover the hockey set.


I used A[mi]dorable’s free newborn sorting hat pattern with RHSS in coffee and a 6.00mm hook. I used such a big hook because she has no gauge listed and I wanted the hat to be wearable somewhat. I had also found an error on Round 17. It should read: sc x 3, inc x 7, sc x 3 (38). I also added two more rounds after rounds 26-29 because I didn’t think it was long enough. Remember, I wanted this to be bigger than newborn size. I left out round 33. I thought the brim was wide enough without it and doing that last round made the brim more straight than wavy. Overall I thought this was a great pattern! I had a lot of fun sewing on the eyes and mouth.


On the Hook:

  • Triangle Scarf for class
  • Baby Boy things
  • Mandala Shrug