First Christmas Gift

There’s been some time between posts. Reasons. I haven’t finished items that I could blog about and nothing new has happened. Finished items I can’t blog about?! How could that be? That’s because I test for Creative Threads by Leah and don’t want to post photos/info about upcoming patterns for sale without her permission. With that being said, there have been a few finished tests. All Who-ish. I was really excited to work and keep working on those. They’re making great presents for some little Who fans that I know.

But I do have a finished item I can share! It’s my first complete Christmas present!! I actually finished it the other day but it’s been raining almost nonstop since Sunday and I haven’t been able to get a good picture. I made it using some of that fabulous yarn I picked up on clearance a few weeks back. I’m calling it the Hunter’s Chunky Cap. It’s made with chunky yarn, it’s going to a hunter, and I like the alliteration of the two C’s.

Look how cool it looks! Why did I do it two toned like that and not striped? Because silly me only bought one skein of Dad’s Scarf and when I went back for more a few days later there wasn’t any more. Thankfully at the bottom of the bin there was one Black in the same type of yarn so I was able to finish it with ease. Even though I made a rookie mistake in not buying enough yarn, it totally worked out and looks totally planned and awesome! At least I think so anyways. And don’t worry if it looks huge. The head is only 21 inches (already smaller than an average male head) but Pap’s head is also 24 inches. So it’s supposed to look big.

I currently have 6 projects on my hook. Crazy right. Well one’s technically not on the hook because I’m in the middle of sewing all the squares together for Eden’s blanket! First I sewed them in rows and now I’m working on sewing the rows together. I have two of them together and three more to go. I’m really not enjoying this because to keep the rows flat I have to sit awkwardly at my table. Going to look into other ways to join squares together for my blanket. I have three tests for Leah. One I ran out of requested yarn, second and third are coming along nicely. Then I have the nativity for Monica (slow going because of sewing all the parts together). Last night I started the hat for my brother Joe. The one I made his last year turned out really big so I’m making him a replacement.

Non Crochet news!! I planned to take a visit home in October for my mom’s and sister’s birthdays (they’re back to back). I’m pushing up my visit by a month and going down in a few weeks instead. Why would you do that if you had your whole trip planned? Good question! Because my grandparents are coming in from Arizona!!!!! I haven’t seen them since my cousin got married in October 2011! They plan to only be in a week but since I have other family to see I’m going to be there for two. I’m super super hoping to have all if not most of my Christmas presents finished to take with me so I won’t have to mail them. I’m literally working my fingers to the bone trying to get everything done. I also don’t know how I’m going to fit a blanket with all the gifts AND two weeks worth of clothes in one suitcase because I’m taking the train. I’ll figure it out. Maybe.


It’s great to be back!

Oh my gosh am I glad to be back!! I would like to greatly apologize to everyone. First, our computer of 9 years finally died on us. It took two weeks to get a new one. Then when it arrived I had some problems with WordPress and not being able to log-in or post!! So I haven’t forgotten to post, I just haven’t been able to. I am truly sorry.

There have been a few things I have finished and some I have started while I’ve been away. I’ll post about them later today because honestly I wasn’t expecting to be able to post at all today and I have some things around the house that need to be done first. But don’t fret, I’ll post and it’s going to be awesome!!

It’s great to be back

Boye’s Ergonomic Aluminum Crochet Handle

I know I promised pictures of the items I made myself. I’m sorry but I don’t have those just yet. I need someone else to take a picture of me wearing the one and every time Luke’s home I keep forgetting. I’m going to have to write a sticky note or something to remember.

Anyways, last week while browsing the clearance section at Walmart I spotted this little beauty at the unbelievable price of just $3!

boye ergonomic aluminum handle

Imagine my excitement! When I first found out about this gadget I was skeptical because of the reviews over on Amazon. But at this price I couldn’t pass it up. And boy am I glad I didn’t! I’ve only used this guy a few times this past week but man can my hand tell there’s a different when using it. You can bet I’ll be using this more often! I highly suggest getting yourself one of these bad boys.

A new thing I’m going to try out is stating at the end of each post what I’m currently working on. I’m hoping that seeing it in a list form will help me work on finishing them before starting new projects. So here it goes….

On the hook:

  • Knight’s Helmet
  • Red Heart CAL Textured blanket
  • Pay-It-Forward for Erin

Oh that’s not too bad! I thought I had more than that. And I can’t really control the speed of the CAL blanket. But the first and third projects are on their way to being completed soon



Back Home

I’m back home!!! I’ve actually been back since Saturday evening but there was no time to write a post what with all the Easter things going on. This post is just to basically say that I’m home. Naturally I forgot to take a picture of the sunhat I made my cousin so I’m waiting for a picture from her mother and when I get that I’ll have a nice post about it. Also I didn’t take ANY pictures while I was visiting home! 😮 Such a shock because I love pictures. All I really did was play a few games of Monopoly with my youngest sister Eden, watch my older younger sister (does that make sense?) Marissa get a tattoo (her third and she’s only 19!), and hang out with my cousin Anna’s new baby Lakyn. Also figured out that Eden is now taller than me which makes me the shortest of the 4 siblings 😦 But I’m still taller than my mom (by an inch!) and that’s all that matters to me!!

I did do a little crocheting while I was there. I made a few squares for Eden’s Christmas blanket (planning to start early on these gifts this year), a dishcloth for my mom, and started one of those slouchy hair net things so I can put all my wet hair in it while it dries. Again, didn’t take a picture of the dishcloth (only completed project) because I always forget to before giving gifts away. Oh well. It’s square, and pink and white. I’m sure you can imagine what it looks like in your minds.

But I think I’m going to go try to finish my hair net while watching the Harry Potter series. I got a craving to watch the movies today. Not planning on watching them all but I’ll try!

Vacation starts tomorrow

So this time tomorrow I will be on a train headed home 🙂 I always go home in April because by this time all the snow’s cleared and I’m able to. It’s sad that I miss out on Thanksgiving and Christmas with my family but you do NOT want to cross the mountains of Pennsylvania when there’s snow on the ground. Hellooo ice! So we exchange our gifts now and have the big holiday meal too. It’s a fun time. I also try to get out during the summer at some point or one or more of them try to come out here. This way we get to see each other at least twice a year. Being 4.5 hours away is a real bummer but what are ya gonna do right?

I’m super excited for this trip because of several reasons. 1: I get to see my family! duh. 2: It’s the first time seeing my 19 year old sister M after her car accident back in one of the fall months. Before you ask she’s fine. Hit a truck but she only had a broken ankle. 3: I get to meet my cousin A’s new baby girl L!! The last time I saw A was during her baby shower back in July! So I’m super excited for that. I love babies and I have a present for her too! That sun hat I mentioned a few days ago. 4: My mom’s given me permission to use her kitchen! I’ve been wanting to experiment with some recipes from our heritage from her side (my parents are split) so this will be perfect! I’ve gathered some Ukrainian, Irish, and German recipes that I can’t wait to make with them. … I think that’s about it. I have lots of family to see so I hope I’m able to see almost everyone.

With all that said, sadly I will not be making any posts for the next two weeks. Sad I know but I don’t see my family often so when I’m there I don’t want to take time away to update ANYTHING! That means I won’t be on Facebook either! Crazy I know right?! Maybe I’ll get used to it and won’t be on there as often? … Nah probably not.

Well I guess I better pack!