Finished Item Photos!!

Alright!! I’ve got some promised pictures for you today!!

First I’ve got a happy little customer wearing her awesome new hat!


Second we have some baby hats. So here are C’s three hats. Dinosaur spikes, Baby brown bear, and Baseball cap. I’ve also made one of D’s hats. He’s a giant Flyers fan so I wanted a Flyers themed hat. I went with stripes. Made this combo of DC and SC up myself. I found out today that he’s having another girl!! Yay more girlie things!

Lastly I have a finished Pay-It-Foward!! Woot Woot!! This one is for Erin. She really likes the Studio Ghibli film Spirited Away (to those of you who haven’t seen it, please go watch it now) so I decided to make her her own No-Face!! I think he turned out totally awesome!! The one the designer made was able to close it’s mouth, mine can’t. All I can think of is that I used too much stuffing. I’m not ashamed. I also added some un-popped popcorn kernels to the bottom to help him sit flat. The mouth, teeth, and mask are sewn in felt. Each tooth was cut out and sewn on individually. The face was embroidered onto the mask and then sewn on. This guy only took me months because I was intimidated by messing up the face so he sat on my bookshelf just blankly staring at me. Until last night. When I finished him off in just a few short hours. I love him!! Shhhh don’t tell but I’m thinking of making her another Spirited Away amigurumi for her birthday.

I’m so excited that about what all I have finished this week! Oh almost forgot! Made something for myself! I made a cover out of cotton yarn for my Swiffer! Now I don’t have to but those ridiculously expensive pads. When it gets too dirty I can just toss it in the wash and presto! Clean!

On the Hook:

  • Baby girl hats for D
  • Test for CTbL
  • The giant pile of Christmas gifts

Where to find the patterns:

A Wedding Gift, a Spirit, and a God

So I can finally post the pictures of the finished wedding gift! I was able to give it to the bride this past weekend during her bachelorette party. I must say that was totally fun. 3 wine tastings in Hershey and a night out in Harrisburg. And it was the first warm day in weeks!!

Back to the blanket… I already showed you guys the hook I used. I used 3 strands of yarn held together for this one. 2 navy and 1 white. I then just did a normal V-stitch. I used Lion Brand’s pattern and it can be found here: So without further ado here are my pictures:



It’s so pretty!!! I love this pattern! It’s super fast, easy, and doesn’t take a lot of yarn either. I bought one skein of white and two of the navy (3 strands total) of Red Heart Super Saver Jumbos and I didn’t use them fully. I was able to get a little ball of each left over. AND it only took me 2 days to make!! This is definitely my go to wedding gift from now on.

Now for some updates. I got ssooo close with No-Face but alas I did not finish him before saying goodbye to his owner 😦 He still needs one row of teeth and his face made. I think he’s going to be added to the WIP pile to be finished on some later date. Especially since I’m not sure when I’ll see E again and I really don’t want to mail him since he’s got popcorn in his base to make him stand. Oh well.

Since my anniversary with my boyfriend L is this Saturday my goal is to finish my Loki amigurumi that I’ve been making him. His head, body, and legs are all made and attached. The arms are made as well. So he’s about halfway done. Fingers crossed!