Nordic Snowflake Cowl

I’m not sure how many of you know but I teach crochet classes down at my LYS (local yarn shop) Lisa’s Sew Crafty. We started with a basic dc infinity scarf and have just finished up a bunch of snowflakes. I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to do next. It was then that R from Sit n Stitch mentioned she’s never done color work and would be interested. LIGHT-BULB!! What if we did a tapestry style cowl?? What if it was winter themed?? Off to Ravelry I went!


But I wasn’t happy with what I was finding. Off to Excel I went! After fiddling with those pesky squares for what seemed like hours (ok it was probably only one in reality) I had ended up with my Nordic Snowflake design! All that was left to do was grab some yarn and figure out a gauge. I used Ella Rae Cozy Soft Chunky in Forest Turtle and White Rocking Sheep with a 5.5mm hook. After a little math and some re-configuring my graph, I came up with a finished dimension of 25″ around by 7.5″ high. Perfect!


So without further ado, here is my very own Nordic Snowflake Cowl!! I hope you all have fun making this and feel free to share your finished projects here or on Ravelry!


  • 5mm (US-I) crochet hook
  • Any aran weight yarn in two colors (I used Ella Rae Cozy Soft Chunky)
    • Color A (main color): 150 yards / 115 grams
    • Color B (accent color): 65 yards / 50 grams
  • Tapestry / yarn needle


  • 16.5 sc x 4 rounds in BLO = 4” x 1”

Terms Used:

  • St = stitch
  • Ch = chain
  • Sl st = slip stitch
  • Sc = single crochet
  • BLO = back loop only


  • This pattern is worked one round at a time with a slip stitch join to the beginning of every round
  • The ch 1 at the beginning of each round does not count as a stitch
  • After round 1, every round is worked into the back loop only
  • Rather than changing, cutting, using bobbins, and weaving all the ends, the yarn is carried throughout the cowl. The active yarn is worked over the inactive yarn. This technique is called tapestry crochet
  • Graph is started at the bottom right corner. It is then read right to left and down to up. This is so that as you crochet your finished project will look like the graph
  • Each row of the graph is done twice in order to achieve proper circumference

Finished dimensions:

  • Circumference – 25 inches
  • Height – 7.5 inches


Color A: ch 104, sl st to form a ring. Be careful not to twist the ch!

Round1: Color A: ch1, sc in each ch around, sl st to first sc – 104sts

Round2-30: Working in BLO, read chart switching colors when needed – 104sts




Saffron Sweet Shawl

The wedding from a couple of posts back was in early September so I wanted to make something for me to wear in case there was the odd cold front. I did not get it done in time and the weather that day was really hot so thankfully I didn’t need the shawl.


I needed something to match the dress I planned to wear so I headed over to the LYS to see what she had. I grabbed some Ella Rae Cozy Soft in Royal and Big Splash. After some pattern digging I kind of fell in love with Cre8tion Crochet’s Saffron Sweet Shawl. I grabbed my 6mm and went to town!


I’m somewhat happy with the size but I still don’t really know how to wear it as it’s pictured in the listing. I wish someone would show me how. I also don’t think mine is long enough to do the tie thing. I did end up wearing it for Easter this past year with one of my Lilla Rose flexis to help hold it in place.


I’m still not sure I’ll ever give shawls a chance. Maybe some day…..

On The Hook:

  • Baby Boy things
  • Mr. Melty
  • Snowman Wallhanging

Birthday Beanie

Woohoo!! I finally finished writing about all my projects from 2015 and reviewing their patterns!! Time to talk about 2016’s projects. And what better way than with my birthday gift to myself?! When I visit family out east I usually spend most of my time at my brother and sister’s place. They have two cats so I have to be really careful with what projects I bring with me. But last year wasn’t a problem since it was over my birthday I brought along the yarn I would need for my present to me 🙂

On Black Friday 2014 I picked up Red Heart With Love in Boysenberry and Peacock. The Boysenberry might be my most favorite color yarn to date. It sat in my stash just waiting for the perfect pattern. Turns out it was Crystalized Designs’s Ribbed Beanie Pattern!


To obtain gauge I needed to go up to a 6mm hook. I have a bigger head than what’s listed in the sizes so I knew I would have to ‘tweak’ the pattern a little. I was surprised at how little I had to do that! For the ribbing I added two more rows totaling 74 instead of 72. If I make this again I might add another chain or two to the beginning to make it a little bit wider. To join both sides I sl st through front loops of both edges.

The body of the hat I wanted a little loose. So I did a total of 28 rounds before the last two decrease rounds (rounds 7 and 8). If making this again I could probably do 26 rounds. Beginning on round 14 I changed back to the 6mm hook. And beginning on round 18 I changed to a 5.5mm hook.


I had all intentions of adding a pompom when I got home but it’s now the end of September 2017 and I still haven’t done that. Oops. I also attempted to make the matching Ribbed Mittens but they’re still thumbless. Double oops. But out of all the hats I have to wear in the winter this one is my go to!!

On The Hook:

  • Baby Girl Dress
  • Angel
  • Baby Boy things

Snowman Wall Hanging

I believe this was my second crocheted Winter/Christmas home decor item. The first being Mr. Melty who now stays out all year because it’s more appropriate for him to be out in the summer. I’m realizing I’m now in a snowman decor rut and I have to break that up. Next I think I’ll make a Santa because I’m really into collecting and decorating with them over anything else.

This project was done using Charmed By Ewe’s Snowman Wall Hanging. I believe it was a CAL at the time. I remember completing this with a bunch of others on Facebook. I used RHSS in white, black, and cherry red, Red Heart With Love in Mango with a 5.0mm hook. When I first worked up this pattern I found a couple things to be off or not fully explained. Since comparing my notes to the pattern now it looks like it has been edited. So all I have to mention is things I did differently!


I took off two dc on the second row of the nose so mine doesn’t curve like hers. When I worked this up the staggering of the head was not explained at all. The pattern stated just to stagger the increases. So this what I did was on round 14 I did 3 sc and then an inc before following the pattern. And on round 15 I did 9 sc and then an inc before following the pattern.

I also then added some Holly Leaves that are designed by Oombawka Design. I used a piece of white yarn attached across the back of the head to hang it on the side of my kitchen cabinets. Makes me smile every time I see him 🙂 I’ll have to add an updated picture once I get some red buttons attached as the holly berries.

On The Hook:

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  • Graph Designing

Drinking Mitten

If you’re reading the title going “what the heck can that possibly be?” let me explain it for you. It’s a mitten but has instead a tube with a hole so that you can hold a drink while also keeping your hand warm! I’m not entirely sure why I decided to make this project. I think it was a little bit because it was campfire season, potential family secret Santa gift (too late I kept this one!), contest, and that I’m always cold.


This project was completed using A Crocheted Simplicity’s “Knot Knit” Coffee & Drink Mitt Pattern. I used RHSS in Frosty Green and Medium Thyme with 5.5mm and 6.0mm hooks. I remember not being able to get gauge exactly right and messaging Jennifer about it. She was extremely helpful in guiding me to make it fit. I did not have to add any rows onto the sleeve/tube part but I did have to add one stitch. Which did not affect the pattern.


I’m very visual so I relied heavily on the included pictures on sewing the sleeve/tube and attaching the cuff. The included pictures were for the “Winter Waves” Coffee & Ice Cream Mitt so those really threw me off and I had a really tough time visualizing. For something like this I take advantage of the way all the lines of the stitches go and I couldn’t do that because the Winter Waves uses different stitches and has different lines than the Knot Knit. It’s why I gave this pattern a 4 out of 5 star rating.


Since I had an extra stitch on the sleeve/tube I had to add an extra stitch on the joining. My cuff however still had 36 sts total. I thought the cuff was a little too tight for my liking and would either keep that extra stitch or use the same hook size as the sleeve/tube. I was also a little disappointed that she doesn’t have a matching regular mitten. In either of the Knot Knit or Winter Waves line. My other hand needs to be kept warm too!

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