C2C Pillow

Since I was delivering that giant blanket to E I wanted to make her a present too. I actually think it was a late Christmas present. I wanted to give her something functional this time. So I figured a pillow would be perfect!

I chose the c2c (corner to corner) method because it was new to me at the time and I was in love! I picked three colors I knew she’d like and used that amazing random stripes generator. I wasn’t sure how long to make this one so I chose an absurdly large number and just stopped when it was long enough to wrap around the pillow.


I used Big Twist Value in Medium Gray, and RHSS in Baby Pink and White with a 5.0mm hook. I also used a 14 x 14 inch pillow square insert. I crocheted up a rectangle that was both wide enough for the pillow and then long enough to go over the top and create a flap that I could button on. I wanted her to be able to easily take the insert out and be able to wash the case.


I did a sc border around the whole rectangle in white. On one of the short sides I made sure to include button holes. I then seamed up two of the longer sides 14 inches for the height of the pillow. I then attached some buttons to the front of the case to keep the flap down.


I think it turned out great! Even little Maggie approves! Most definitely a quick and easy way to make a pillow case. Now I need to pick some colors out and make some for new my couch

On The Hook:

  • Baby Girl Dress
  • Baby Boy Things
  • Floor Poof