Removable Flower

I really like the idea of flowers on hats and headbands. They’re really cute and girls of all ages like them. The thing that I don’t like about them? Permanent attachment. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great idea for most projects. But there’s some I was always hesitant about. Like way back for my baby cousin L I made her a set of headbands with removable flowers. The button was attached to the headband and the flowers slipped over that. But I wasn’t fully happy because the headband could never be worn by itself. There was always that darn button. So I was on the hunt to find a truly and fully removable flower.

I believe it was Pinterest who came to my aid! I swear it’s always Pinterest. But I found this great idea over at Tw-in Stitches {a crochet blog} and she had the same problem / thoughts I was having! So I took her pictures and used her idea and ran with it. The result (just the same as hers) was AMAZING! A fully functional flower accessory that’s completely removable with no left overs! Woohoo! Now I’ll try to explain what I did.

So first I made my flower. I used Salena Baca’s 6 Petal Flower With Leaves but minus the leaves. Turned out rather nice don’t you think? It was a little confusing where exactly to put the sc between the petals so I had to fudge it and there was a prominent line between the first and last petals (at least to me). But still turned out so much better than all my previous flowers. Oh I suppose I should say I used a 5.5mm hook and Red Heart Super Saver in Pretty N Pink and With Love in Black and Gray and 3 big pink buttons.

Now comes the really cool removable part. Flip your flower over. I sewed a tiny little button to the back of petal layer number two. On the opposite petal (still in layer two) I attached my yarn and did what I believe is 3 sc. Then I went back and forth for a couple rows until the strap would reach across the back of the flower to the first edge of the button. Then I did a couple chain stitches and slip stitched it to the other side to form a loop that would go over the button. It looks like I did 4 chains. It was a tiny button. And that’s it!! Don’t forget to weave your ends! Those would definitely ruin the finished look.

You now have a flower that is 100% removable! All you have to do is insert the strap between two stitches on the hat, loop it around a couple stitches (to make sure its secure), poke it back through to the front of the hat and secure it with the button! Ta-da!! I haven’t tested this on any other flowers since but I believe it would also work. I made it three times using Salena’s flower.


Here’s M and her Mom both wearing the hats while she was getting her 4th of 6 chemo treatments 🙂

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Amazing Grace Hat for M

This is the second hat I made for M. The free pattern is the Amazing Grace Hat and is designed by Elena Hunt of Beatrice Ryan Designs. She designed this as a Charity Crochet Hat so I figured this would be perfect to use for the other hat!


I used a 5.00mm hook and Red Heart With Love in Gray. Just a couple of things with this pattern. My first problem was that it came out way too small. I’m not sure how that happened because I checked gauge (I highly suggest you start doing that for all worn garments) and I matched it. So I was a little confused. I needed it to fit a 23 inch head and the circumference came out to 20 inches. And there was not enough stretch. So I frogged it. I was easily able to adjust it though so that it did become the size I needed.


Then there was the issue of my rows turning out just a tad short. That’s usually never a big problem, just add a couple more rows. In this case I added two more rows of the special shell rows. No biggie. I did though leave out the last row of reverse single crochet at the end. I didn’t feel like the hat needed that.


I used the black flower on this hat for pictures. Buuuuuut it’s removable so viola! It can also be worn plain, just like the Tri – Color Cloche 🙂 Stay tuned for how I did the removable flower, it’s coming next!

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Tri – Color Cloche for M

In September of 2015 Luke’s mom came to me asking if I could make her cousin M who had cancer a couple of hats. Of course!! Her only specification was that the hats be pretty and soft so it would feel nice against her head. Not a problem what so ever! I made two different hats and three removable flowers. This post I will talk about the Tri – Color Cloche.


I really like this free pattern by Caron Design Team. I have made it several times before in baby, child, and adult sizes and thought it would be perfect. I used a 5.00mm hook and Red Heart With Love in Black. I really like this yarn! I get all the amazingness that is Red Heart but with extra softness. For the brim I used this free pattern by Craft Chic. Works perfect!!


I put the gray flower on for the pictures but since they’re removable she’s able to put which ever one she wants on or leave it plain! I don’t know why I waited so long to make removable flowers? I think they’re soo much better than sewn on ones!


Stay tuned for hat number two and how to make the removable flower!!

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Nemo Hat

Whenever I hear of someone having a baby my immediate reaction (besides the obvious first thought of ‘oh wow congratulations this is an amazing thing I’m so happy for you guys!’) is ‘what am I going to make?’ Sometimes it’s very easy and ideas just start pouring. Perfect example is winter babies. Whip them up a hat or two, some of those baby mittens, maybe a pair of socks if I feel up to those. I just have to come up with a color or theme. Other times I have to think for what seems like ages. Especially if it’s for a friend that I thought I knew until I started thinking and then realize ‘jeez after knowing this couple for X years I know nothing‘ Well at least I feel that way sometimes. That kind of happened with this gift.

So we met E and S at one of L’s infamous parties because they’re neighbors. Now we see them basically every time we’re at L’s and Luke talks to S pretty regularly. Particularly thanks to a mobile game that I will not be getting into. Seriously, don’t start me on that. But they announced they were having a baby girl and WOOHOO! In the summer ….. What do I make a summer baby?? Yea I just made a bunch of baby sandals but do newborns really keep things on their feet?


Then someone (probably Luke, darn his good ideas) suggested just making a bigger hat to wear in the fall. Brilliant! Now the issue was what kind of hat do I make?? I asked S if there was anything E really liked and he told me about Nemo. Perfect! So then I was on the hunt for a pattern. And I found one! Thanks to Pinterest I found Natasha’s Crochet Clownfish Hat. This would be great to use for all the fishy pieces. Then I needed a hat base. In walked Leah. Well she sent me a Facebook message because she lives very far away. She needed people to test her new Basic Beanie! I signed up for the Infant Basic Beanie and fell in looooove. Met her gauge perfect, the beanies always work up the perfect size every time, and it’s a lot less headache because I don’t have to make my own anymore!! It’s now my go to beanie. I’ve made 11 of the infant sizes since August 2015. Did I mention her basic beanie includes all sizes from preemie through large adult?? Seriously love this woman.


I decided to go with the 3-6 months size, a 4.25mm hook, and Red Heart Super Saver in Pumpkin, Black and White. I worked the beanie as is with no issues. I worked up the details as written with the only ‘issue’ being in the Tail Fin where it says to TURN. After reading some comments what she means is Turn and continue working in the back of the original chain. Other than that little bit of confusion I had no problems! Woohoo!! End result is an adorable clownfish aka Nemo beanie. I mean, how cute is little baby E in her hat??


Now I just need to think of something for their second child, a spring baby…….

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Swirling Leaves Wine Cozy

I love this wine bottle cozy!! I’ve made up my own in the past with some worsted weight held two strands together to create a bulky yarn so that it would be more sturdy. This one was done in a sport weight so definitely not sturdy but the way this is worked up it doesn’t need to be because it clings to the bottle! Just another thing to love about Leah’s patterns, which are amazing by the way if you didn’t already know. I’m able to meet her gauge with no to little issues and her patterns are always very well written and explained 🙂 This pattern is also written for a 750mL and 1.5L bottle. Find her free pattern HERE

For this cozy I used a 4.25mm hook and Vanna’s Glamour in Platinum. I had so much of it left over from the Knight’s Helmet and it’s the perfect yarn to use this as a gift. The gray color is nice but the sparkle is great! This design is being added to my wedding/hostess/housewarming gift lineup! Can’t wait to see what else she comes up with!

This was completed as a test for Creative Threads by Leah

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