Diglett Pokemon #050

I didn’t play the card game as a child but my brother did. Between his cards and the little fake ones on the back of Lunchables (anyone else remember those? Nope, just me?) the only Pokemon I truly remember from my childhood was Diglett. So I couldn’t leave him out!! I used Nichole’s Nerdy Knot’s Diglett Pokemon Pattern. I also used RHSS in Coffee and Heather Gray with a 4mm hook. He stands at 4 inches tall.


Only a couple very minor changes were made. I added a very slight change to Round 18 on The Body, the popcorn round. I put a chain between each one. I’m not sure if it was because my stitches were tight but it really helped. The math on Round 20 is wrong. You’ll end with 10 not 12 sc. I decreased around on Round 21 and ended with 5 sc. The math on The Nose is wrong too. Round 3 should end with 10 sc and not 8

Look at how cute they all are!! I now need to make every. single. Pokemon so that I have an army of them!!! mwahahahah


On The Hook:

  • Tea Tray Doily
  • Knitted Beanie

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