Completed Projects

I know I promised a post two weeks ago. Sorry about that. Things got in the way. But I’m here now and ready to show you all what I did on my visit home and what I did after!

First I gave away all my baby hats! 3 to C and R, 3 to D and S, 2 to C and D. That looks a little confusing. C is my cousin, R is her husband and they’re having their first baby. It’s going to be a surprise so I had to make gender neutral hats. They got the brown bear, dino spikes, and baseball cap. D is my cousin, and S is his wife, and they are having their second girl. They got a pink bonnet (finished that while I was away, picture coming), bow hat, and Flyer’s hat. C is my cousin, D is his fiance, and they just had their first girl! She waited until I was home for 4 days so I didn’t get to see her 😦 But she’s adorable! They got a Minnie hat and pumpkin hat (pictures coming). My Aunt M (best customer I have) ordered a Batman hat for them as well. Remember that Batman logo sneak peak I posted? I have pictures of the finished hat as well. My Aunt also had me make another bow hat for a friend but this one in purple and white.

Remember that test I was doing for Leah? Well I finished that just before I left and was able to add a nice border while I was away and it was perfect size for Lakyn so I gave it to her. What is it you ask? It’s a Steeler’s Graphed Blanket!! The graph itself is just under 2 feet by just over 2 feet. With the nice border I was able to put on using the rest of my black, it was a perfect toddler sized blanket for her. I made my own graphed blanket a few years ago (Red Raiders) but it was not on this scale. So many color changes in such a smaller graph. Took me forever and gave me a headache. It was originally supposed to be for me with a granny styled border but I got sick of looking at it. I’ll probably still make one for myself though.

The last project I finished while I was away was Eden’s CAL blanket!! The border didn’t end up as big as it was supposed to be because I ran out of time. She was still happy with how it turned out. That’s not Eden in the picture, it’s Marissa. Eden was in the shower I believe and then I just forgot to get a picture of her with it. The pretty kitty is Lola, the baby of the family. I love how it turned out!! Now I just need to finish mine….

I’m still working on some Christmas presents. The one started to give me a bit of a headache so I decided to make myself a present. The last time I made myself something was last year I believe and it was just an earwarmer. Nothing special. Just something done in school colors that I could wear to the football games. So I wanted to make myself something new. And with my fancy Yarn Baby LLC yarn. And I found just the pattern by ELK Studio. It’s her Pumpkin Spice beanie but I think it still looks lovely in these colors. I used a 4.25mm hook for the border and then switched to the 3.75mm hook for the body. I took out the ledge round because when I got to the end I had run out of yarn with a few rounds left to go. By taking out that round I gave myself the needed yarn. I would have added another round in the border if I had more yarn as well. The pom pom I added myself because I felt it needed something a little more. I used Red Heart’s Aran, Perfect Pink, and Heather Gray for that. I thought those colors went pretty darn well together. This was my first time using Yarn Baby yarn. Got to say, I love it!! I used up the whole skein of worsted superwash merino in Vintage Rose. The only thing I didn’t like about the yarn was that all the pink and gray seemed to be on opposite sides. In the pictures you can see the gray is mostly at the top and the pink at the bottom. I got this yarn to go with my gray coat and I think it’s kind of hard to see the gray. Oh well, I still love it! Can’t wait to get some more of this fabulous yarn in a different color!

So now I’m back to making Christmas gifts. Only about a month left!!

I’m back!!

I thought I mentioned I was going away for two weeks but upon looking I can’t seem to see that I did say that. I’m sorry if I didn’t. But my grandparents from Arizona decided to DRIVE to Pennsylvania for a week long visit. Weird that they would drive for 5 days to stay for 6 and drive 5 more. But they’re old and won’t fly so whatcha gonna do about it? Needless to say I HAD A BLAST!! I hadn’t seen them in 3 years so it was great! I spent one week with my sisters and mom following around my grandparents and another week with my cousin and her baby. We also had a typical DiPaul style party on my last night there with my brother who I haven’t seen in who knows how long either. Thankfully he’s done with his Marine stuff and is back home going to college so I’ll be able to see him whenever I want!

I also had a very successful crochet trip. Pictures have been uploaded to Facebook. But I’m going to clean a bit before I sit down for a while and write out the long post that is to come. Til later!