Hogwarts House Scarves

I have made several Harry Potter scarves over the years. Five House scarves and one Quidditch Team scarf to be exact. I plan to have a complete House set for myself one day. I know there’s a bunch of patterns out there for the basic big block scarf look (which is what I’ve always done) but I still would like to share what I did. Before I get to that I would like to share a bit about these projects. It all started many many years ago…

Back in high school my best friend E introduced me to the world of Harry Potter by taking me to see Prisoner of Azkaban in theaters. Yes I know I started out of order but it happens. We even played hooky and skipped school to see it!! (Sorry Mom) I loved it so much I needed the others! So then I saw Chamber of Secrets and Sorcerer’s Stone (again out of order). I still needed more! That Christmas my brother (with a little help from my dad) gave me all the books which was just 1-5 at the time. Those books quickly rose to become one of my favorites.

Flash forward and it is now 2007 and Order of the Phoenix is being released in theaters. It was our first midnight movie release and I wanted to make it special. I made Gryffindor House Scarves for E and myself to wear. Don’t we look adorable?


While we were in line there was a couple sitting next to us who we started chatting to. I don’t remember their names anymore but they loved what I had made. They ordered scarves for themselves with the name “Harry Potter” and “Lily Evans” also embroidered on the ends. It was my first paid order. EVER! I was so excited. I really wish I had taken pictures but I didn’t. Oh well

Then came the midnight movie release of Deathly Hallows: Part 1. I was going to see it with Luke instead of E so naturally he needed a little bling. Since his favorite character is Krum I made him a Bulgarian Quidditch Team scarf. I did it in the same fashion but used the colors from the movie. He doesn’t wear it much so I kind of commandeered it for myself.


The books had ended, the movies were over, and I thought that was going to be it. But then it was announced we were all getting a new movie!! I can not WAIT to see this! It was at that point I caved and joined Pottermore. Turns out I’m a Hufflepuff. Should have seen that coming. I vowed that I was going to make a new scarf for the new movie in my house. AND HERE IT IS!!! I absolutely love it!


So without further ado, here’s my pattern!

Worsted Weight Yarn – I used Red Heart Super Saver in Bright Yellow and Black (Hufflepuff), Burgundy and Gold (Gryffindor), and Burgundy and Black (Bulgaria)

Size I – 5.5mm hook

Start with Main Color (Yellow or Burgundy)

Row 1: chain 22, sc in 2nd chain from hook and across. Turn [21sc]

Rows 2-18: chain 1, sc across [21sc]

Change to Contrasting Color (Black or Gold)

Rows 1-18: chain 1, sc across [21sc]

The yellow was thinner than the black for Hufflepuff. So I had to do 17 instead of 18 rows to get each block to be the same size. Mine are 4.125 (4 1/8) inches tall.

Repeat these two blocks for a total of 19 blocks, ending with Main Color.

To add fringe I wrapped yarn around my phone 5 times before cutting. Attach on ends in every other stitch starting with Main Color for a total of 11 tassles. Each fringe should have 10 strands of yarn. I left my ends at different lengths but I might go back and cut them all the same.

That’s about it! Very simple. Don’t forget to weave in your ends!!



Egg Cozy

For Easter of 2015 I wanted to make up a quick table decor for dinner. I found this awesome egg cozy that holds six eggs but really as many as you want. I used Lily Sugar’n Cream cotton yarn in the Summer Twists colorway. I picked this because it was the most Eastery color I had at the time.

egg cozy1.jpg

We eat extra large eggs in this house and the pattern didn’t hold that size as well as I would have liked. So I made a new one. I added two stitches per egg hole and three to the last one. If I had had more yarn I also would have added another row or two. Even though it is used with hard boiled eggs I still wanted the extra height for added stability.

egg cozy2.jpg

I really love how it’s made up in a line so I can easily manipulate them into any shape I’d like. For that matter I wouldn’t mind adding a few more holes for more eggs. This way they can go all the way around the bottom of a bowl or a plate on the dinner table. Can’t wait to make some more for this Easter

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Nanny’s Hearts

A year ago today my Nanny passed away. She was such an amazing woman. She not only raised her own children into the amazing parents they are but helped raise and mold all 8 of her grandchildren into the people we have grown to become. She cooked, she joked and laughed, sang and danced, and loved all of us in her own special way. She also crocheted. Something she learned from her mother and taught her to her daughter who then taught me. I loved calling her up to talk about what was on our hooks and sending emails with pictures.

The two weeks prior were very hard with her being in the hospital, having surgeries, not fully waking, and trying to get a plane ticket booked. To help me feel more connected to her during that time, and while I waited for my flight on the 11th, I decided to work on a special project just for her, a doily. Working with crochet thread was her favorite but I had only worked with it once and wasn’t a fan. But I thought this was the best thing to work on though. I needed a very special pattern, and I found one. Cylinda D. Mathews of Crochet Memories’s Hearts Doily pattern is what I settled on. It was beautiful and it had hearts. How could I say no?

So I started on it. It took me three days to crochet it. I then wet blocked it, first time I did that. It was easy too and made it amazing! Here it is all pinned out on the towel and drying. My pineapples aren’t perfect but that’s ok


It was after I completed the doily when I received the phone call in the middle of the night that she had passed. It was the worst phone call I had ever gotten. My doily was finished, I hadn’t been able to give it to her or say goodbye and my flight was still days away. The next few days were kind of a haze. I don’t remember much except for my sister (who was already there) texting me about Pop-pop and things I did/didn’t need to pack. The funniest text was hearing about her teaching him how to use the washer!!

My flight day finally came around and I realized I had nothing to do during my 12 hours of travel. Yea wasn’t happy about that but what was I to do for a last minute flight except to expect layovers. I decided that I was going to make myself a matching doily. Except that never happened. My first flight was a tiny plane headed to Boston. But that’s the opposite direction?? Weird I know. I had the row to myself and it was early morning. So I just took that short flight to stare out the window. It was then that I saw this rainbow and I knew everything was going to be ok


I landed in Boston and had a couple hours to grab lunch. I found a giant rocking chair, parked my butt, and just watched the planes taxi around while I nibbled at a sandwich. Then it was time for the long flight to Phoenix. It was a full flight and I had a middle seat. My two gentlemen buddies were very nice. One was going back home and mostly kept to himself. The other was headed to Vegas for a bachelor party and was very chatty. I tried to work on my doily but only got 6 rounds in before I gave up for the night and napped the rest of the way.

Landing was just the start of the shortest longest week of my life. I got to hang out with cousins that I hadn’t seen in 5 years. Visited some cool places with my Pop-pop. Had some nice family dinners. Met the new dog Marley, naturally named after Bob Marley. I had a great time. And looking back I realized that that was the way it was meant to be. I arrived the day after my sister left. If I had gone a week earlier like I had wanted then no one would have been there for Pop-pop in the days after Nanny passed. I had to help him with some things too. Like learning how to use an ATM. I was also there to help him take care of things that need to be done after someone dies. Yes my uncle lives there and can help too but he can’t all the time, he does have a job. So Pop-pop wasn’t left alone during the days for a week and I think that was good.

I gave him the doily that I made for Nanny. He absolutely loved it and told me that Nanny sees and that he’s positive that she loves it too. He then walked around the house looking for the perfect spot. He settled on the breakfast bar, next to one she had made. He put it down and said it’s now in its forever home.


He let me go through some of her crochet books and I took a couple because that was all I could fit in my bag. But when he came back east for the funeral he brought me more of her books and an unfinished blanket that I absolutely can not wait to finish! It’s a granny square blanket so I have to make more squares and then sew them all together. I plan to ask my mom if she could then add a border on it so three generations of us will have worked on one blanket. I think it would make for a PERFECT heirloom.

But then came the day I had to leave. It was very sad because I had to say goodbye again. But not for long because the funeral was being planned to take place in Pennsylvania. So I said goodbye to my cousins, drove them off to school, took one last picture with Pop-pop, and then my uncle took me to the airport. I did the whole crying alone in the airport terminal thing but then an older lady sat next to me and just chatted about something random I don’t even remember now. It was very nice because she didn’t ask about why I was crying but it got me to stop. Thank you older lady for making my plane wait a little easier.

After that I couldn’t crochet for the longest time. I had lots of projects to complete, some with deadlines. But I just couldn’t work up enough energy to do them. Every time I picked up a hook I thought of her and started crying for about a week and a half. After that I just didn’t have the will to crochet. It was awful. It was the first time I had ever really lost my cro-jo. Then about a month later a little before Christmas it came back. The first thing I completed and felt really good about was an infinity scarf for my mom. I actually weaved the ends in while on the train on New Year’s Day on my way to see her. Over the next two weeks while visiting home I worked on something for me. Which you all know I never do, and if I do they never get finished. I’m looking at you 3 blankets, 2 scarves, and mermaid tail! I made myself a set of matching hat and mittens.

But it’s been a year and I still haven’t finished my doily. I picked it back up yesterday! I hope to finish it in a couple days. Then I have to hunt for the perfect spot in my house!!!

To quote one of my favorite characters “It’s funny. The day you lose someone isn’t the worst. At least you’ve got something to do. It’s all the days they stay dead.” – The Doctor

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Baptismal Baby Booties

Way back in January of 2015, my cousin C asked me if I could make her first born a pair of booties for her baptism. I felt so honored!! Of course I said yes!

Before then I had only worked with thread ONCE! I tried making a bookmark and failed. Miserably. So naturally I was really daunted by this project. But I stuck with it and made what I think are beautiful shoes. I used Maria Bittner of Pattern Paradise’s Italian Mary Janes pattern with Aunt Lydia’s Classic Crochet Thread white in size 10 with a 2mm hook.


We agreed to stay on the bigger side of estimated sizes because you never know how fast they’ll grow. Well little M didn’t really grow in the feet at all by April so these ended up being super big. Like an inch or so big. But with making them so far in advance that’s what we get.


My gauge matched but I still went down a hook size to get the length of the sole correct for the size I was making. After working with Maria on correcting her pattern these guys only took a few days to work up. These are my new go to baptism/christening booties if I ever have to make more 🙂

Bootie Collage1.jpg

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