Shark Socks

The same time my Aunt M placed the Cowgirl Hat order she also asked for these adorable Shark Socks for a friend’s baby. This pattern includes all sizes from an infant 0-9 months to a men’s 12! So basically all the sizes! It’s only a matter of time before I make a pair for myself heheh


I used RHSS in White and Gray Heather with a 3.75mm hook in the 3-6 month size. Surprise surprise I don’t have any notes about this. I think the only ‘real’ problem I had was that it was difficult to weave in all the ends. But that was probably due to the small size.


They turned out just as cute as the pattern picks! Most definitely need these in my size.

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Hockey Skates

Here’s the final gift for Baby L and the second piece to his hockey set, hockey skates!! Aren’t these so adorable!! I can’t get enough of these! As with the helmet I also made these for a second time. Be on the look out for that second review as well!


A while back I had won the entire pattern library of Newborn Knots! It was crazy awesome! She’s got some new stuff that I don’t have but that’s ok. Looking through her designs I thought that her Boys or Girls Baby Work Booties #11 pattern would be perfect for a pair of hockey skates! Just had to do some slight adjusting. I used RHSS in black and white, Purl Essence Sincerely Metallic in Glitter Gray and a 3.75mm hook.


On Round 3 of the soles I did the first sc in the same stitch rather than the next. I free handed the skate parts and attached those BEFORE working on the boot. I changed colors from white to black at the start of Round 4 rather than between the sole and boots. I did a total of 8 sc on the first row of the tongue rather than 7. See, only a few minor adjustments. They turned out so freaking adorable!!


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Baby Flip Flops

These are probably the cutest little shoes I’ve ever made! Who can resist tiny flip flops? A trusted customer showed me a picture of a similar looking flip flop asking if I could make her a pair. So I searched online for something with a pattern. I found a chart that is in what I believe is Russian? It’s not English and that didn’t stop me before! Also, it is a chart so it’s all the symbols which are pretty universal I think and a really good picture tutorial. So pretty simple to follow along.


I used my trusty 5.00mm hook along with Red Heart Super Saver in Coffee, White, and Perfect Pink. I used Coffee for the bottom sole and White for the top sole. Yes a double sole!! Woohoo! In order to get the needed length of 4.25 inches the first round was done in double crochet and the second and third rounds in single crochet. Everything else I did was the same in the photo tutorial. They’re clear enough that I was able to count the stitches and chains needed. I used some embroidery floss to whip up a couple of flowers and sewed them along the strap. So adorable!

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Peek-A-Boo Sandals

The second of the two booties I made for baby summer boy was this pair of Peek-A-Boo Sandals by MA Santos of Crochet Zone. These are also a free pattern!! I used Red Heart Super Saver in Light Blue and Coffee with a 5.0mm hook.


What can I say about these other than I loved them?! Double soled. Score! Adorable pop of color from the surface slip stitching. I really like how MA has her soles a different color than her uppers so I just had to do the same. Turned out amazing! So much better than one solid color I think. Definitely going to be doing the same for every other future sandal.


Most definitely keeping Crochet Zone on my radar for future patterns. Very well written and easy to follow. And totally cute!!

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Baby Moccasins

One of Luke’s cousins was having her baby shower back in May of 2015. (She’s having another baby so stayed tuned for even more baby goodies!!) Naturally I had to make my gifts. Having a summer baby, and a boy to boot, I was really at a loss of what to make. So I settled on some sandals (because all babies need booties), a lovey, and a stuffed animal. So I searched and searched and finally settled on two booties that I thought would be ok for a boy.


This post is going to focus on the first pair that I made, Baby Moccasins. These are a free pattern by Mon Petit Violon. I used Red Heart Super Saver in Coffee and Buff with a 3.75mm hook. I don’t have any notes for this one. I do however remember a couple of things. I believe I made the 0-6 month size. But I remember it turning out so tiny. I also remember the “Front” bit being a little difficult despite the pictures in the pattern. I *think* I did it slightly different but don’t ask me what exactly that was because I haven’t a clue.


They hardly took any time at all to complete and ended up looking totally cute and adorable!! Even for a boy in the middle of summer! Here’s a little preview of what’s to come in the next couple of posts 🙂


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