Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Lapghan

Another cousin was getting married so I needed another gift. Have we reached that point where you’re now asking how many cousins exactly do I have?? I have 20 total with eight of them having a total of 14 kids of their own. So. Many. Family members!! Love them all

So back to the wedding. I made my standard 5 1/2 Hour Throw / TV Lapghan (Aran) gift. This particular cousin and his (now) wife are fond of fall colors. So I used Caron One Pound in Espresso, Claret, and Taupe with the 15mm hook.


These colors held together reminded me of a chocolate raspberry truffle so that’s was I decided to name this combo.


One of these days I’ll make one of these blankets for myself

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State Lapghan

One of Luke’s cousins got married last summer and naturally I had to make my gift. I went with my standard go-to wedding gift. Lion Brand’s 5 1/2 Hour Throw / TV Lapghan (Aran) pattern.


I always personalize the blankets I make so I went with a Penn State themed blanket. I used two strands of Caron One Pound in Midnight Blue while also using one strand of White at the same time. Since I was using three strands at once I used a 15.0mm hook! This particular one ended up being 39×54 inches excluding the fringe.


I’ve made this blanket so many times that I’m pretty sure I’ve written about it already. So I’m keeping this one short and sweet since I don’t have anything else to say other than I really love this blanket! Super quick to work up and super easy to personalize!!

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C2C Pillow

Since I was delivering that giant blanket to E I wanted to make her a present too. I actually think it was a late Christmas present. I wanted to give her something functional this time. So I figured a pillow would be perfect!

I chose the c2c (corner to corner) method because it was new to me at the time and I was in love! I picked three colors I knew she’d like and used that amazing random stripes generator. I wasn’t sure how long to make this one so I chose an absurdly large number and just stopped when it was long enough to wrap around the pillow.


I used Big Twist Value in Medium Gray, and RHSS in Baby Pink and White with a 5.0mm hook. I also used a 14 x 14 inch pillow square insert. I crocheted up a rectangle that was both wide enough for the pillow and then long enough to go over the top and create a flap that I could button on. I wanted her to be able to easily take the insert out and be able to wash the case.


I did a sc border around the whole rectangle in white. On one of the short sides I made sure to include button holes. I then seamed up two of the longer sides 14 inches for the height of the pillow. I then attached some buttons to the front of the case to keep the flap down.


I think it turned out great! Even little Maggie approves! Most definitely a quick and easy way to make a pillow case. Now I need to pick some colors out and make some for new my couch

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Charcoal Block Blanket

I was asked by my friend E to make a blanket for her husband A a long while ago. I was a little nervous to do it because of its size. He’s well over 6 foot tall so this blanket needed to be huge. It actually rivals the one I made for Luke (who is also over 6 foot). She had given me a picture of a blanket she saw somewhere on the internet and asked to make one using the same blocking/stripping pattern but in different colors. I looked all over for a pattern but couldn’t find one and had to make my own. Which wasn’t difficult. Just needed to make my gauge and do some math. No big deal.

It was terrible. It was super simple to make since it was just row upon row of sc. It was just so boring because it was row upon row of sc. I did a lot of binge watching on Netflix during this blanket. I used my (then) favorite ergonomic Boye 5.0mm hook. I mean I had to, this thing was going to take forever and I needed my hand to be comfy.


The main blanket was done using RHSS in Charcoal. The contrast colors were Lion Brand Heartland in Glacier Bay, Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Avocado, Red Heart Soft in Light Gray Heather, and RHSS Gold. There was 376 total rows consisting of 28 rows in each charcoal block, 13 total blocks and one row of contrast color between each with the color sequence repeating twice. Finished measurements were 62 x 80 inches or 5.2 x 6.7 feet! I told you, it was a behemoth.


E wanted this thing as comfy cozy as possible and asked that it be lined with fleece. Awesome! I had been wanting to try this technique so I was eager but also very nervous that I’d mess it up. She had ordered this beautiful Doctor Who fleece. Now was the make or break time to attach.

I got a rotary cutter with an extra wide skip stitch blade and used it along all four edges to create equally spaced holes in which my hook would be inserted. Worked like a dream! I did have to press a little extra hard so I made sure I had proper backing so I wouldn’t cut through the surface I was working on.


To attach I made sure the blanket and the fleece were pinned together and then I single crocheted the two together using the Charcoal. Not every stitch of the blanket was used since the holes in the fleece were not that close together. It’s fine though and everything is still together. I finished it off with 3 rounds in the Light Gray Heather.


It is amazing!!! I wish I didn’t have to give it away. It’s so big and cozy, heavy, and super warm! Just my kind of blanket. This was the most documented project I’ve done. I ended up using a total of 13.36 skeins of yarn for a grand total of 4,654 yards used!! ::faint:: Do you know how far that is? That’s 38.78 football fields (including end-zones). That’s more fields than the NFL has teams! It’s also 2.64 miles. MILES OF YARN! That’s just a little info about what it takes to make projects like these (and why they cost what they cost).

I’m not sure if I’ll ever make another blanket of this size. And if I do, it’ll be for me. Because I’ve never made a blanket for myself. Which is saying something because I have somewhat of a blanket addiction. I can think of 4 off the top of my head that are all partially started for myself that’ll probably never get finished. Sigh. One day….

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Snowman Wall Hanging

I believe this was my second crocheted Winter/Christmas home decor item. The first being Mr. Melty who now stays out all year because it’s more appropriate for him to be out in the summer. I’m realizing I’m now in a snowman decor rut and I have to break that up. Next I think I’ll make a Santa because I’m really into collecting and decorating with them over anything else.

This project was done using Charmed By Ewe’s Snowman Wall Hanging. I believe it was a CAL at the time. I remember completing this with a bunch of others on Facebook. I used RHSS in white, black, and cherry red, Red Heart With Love in Mango with a 5.0mm hook. When I first worked up this pattern I found a couple things to be off or not fully explained. Since comparing my notes to the pattern now it looks like it has been edited. So all I have to mention is things I did differently!


I took off two dc on the second row of the nose so mine doesn’t curve like hers. When I worked this up the staggering of the head was not explained at all. The pattern stated just to stagger the increases. So this what I did was on round 14 I did 3 sc and then an inc before following the pattern. And on round 15 I did 9 sc and then an inc before following the pattern.

I also then added some Holly Leaves that are designed by Oombawka Design. I used a piece of white yarn attached across the back of the head to hang it on the side of my kitchen cabinets. Makes me smile every time I see him 🙂 I’ll have to add an updated picture once I get some red buttons attached as the holly berries.

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