Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Lapghan

Another cousin was getting married so I needed another gift. Have we reached that point where you’re now asking how many cousins exactly do I have?? I have 20 total with eight of them having a total of 14 kids of their own. So. Many. Family members!! Love them all

So back to the wedding. I made my standard 5 1/2 Hour Throw / TV Lapghan (Aran) gift. This particular cousin and his (now) wife are fond of fall colors. So I used Caron One Pound in Espresso, Claret, and Taupe with the 15mm hook.


These colors held together reminded me of a chocolate raspberry truffle so that’s was I decided to name this combo.


One of these days I’ll make one of these blankets for myself

On The Hook:

  • Knitted Beanie
  • Snowflake Cowl
  • Christmas Gifts

One thought on “Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Lapghan

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