Staryu Pokemon #120

Next up on the list was Staryu!! Can’t really remember why exactly I chose to make this one but I did. I used Nichole’s Nerdy Knots’ Staryu Pokemon Pattern. I used RHSS in Gold and Bright Yellow with a 4.0mm hook. Love how this guy turned out!!


I found the second part of the Center Detail instructions to be a little weirdly worded. It’s just rows of 1sc that are attached to the inner yellow circle (made in the first part of center detail) and then sewn on to the outer yellow from the body. That’s where I sewed mine anyways. My rows were only 3 long instead of 4.


I also didn’t fully understand the Band Around Back at first. It didn’t click that it was just one long row of sc for a while. I needed to ch14 and do 13sc for the band to go around one leg. I tacked/sewed on the one end, then the other, and then on the back side I tacked it down to create that V shape.


I assembled mine a little different too. I did not sc around the edge. I didn’t like the ridge that created and it didn’t feel safe enough to hold in the stuffing. So I just sewed it together. I also did all the center details BEFORE sewing the pieces together. This way it was way easier to do them.

On The Hook:

  • Knitted Cabled Beanie



Dratini Pokemon #147

The second Pokemon I decided to make my sister was the ever adorable Dratini! Again I used Nichole’s Nerdy Knot’s Dratini Pokemon pattern. I used RHSS in Light Blue and White with a 4.0mm hook. I had several problems with this pattern that made me want to rip my hair out. I will share with you (as always) what I did differently.


On the Body:
For the 12sc rounds I did not go til it was 8 inches. I went til it was about 5-5.5 inches. I then decreased to 9 sc around for 1.5 inches. 8sc rounds for around an inch. 7sc for a couple rounds. Then decreased by 1 sc til I reached 4 sc around. Total length is around 10 inches. I tacked down the body at the first decrease from 12 to 9

On the Belly:
I did 3sc across instead of 2. At some point after the curve and it’s now on the bottom, I decreased to 2sc for a few rows. And then I decreased to 1sc for I believe 3 rows to make a point.

I did the body this way because I didn’t like the drastic decrease in the diameter of the body originally as written. There was a big visible change and I wanted more of a slight decrease. I also wasn’t able to see a curve when the 12sc rounds continued for 8 inches. I’m starting to think that curve is just supposed to be where you want it to be. I wanted Dratini to be the same size as Mew since he was already done.


There is also no directions for the eyes. Like seriously nothing for them at all. So a little peeved about that. I went super hard on the detail of them though. I really wanted these guys to look like the real deal. And I think I accomplished that with Dratini. I’m super proud of him

On The Hook:

  • Knitted Cabled Beanie

Mew Pokemon #151

My youngest sister E was turning 16 and I needed to make her something awesome! We bonded a bit over Pokemon Go (I was peer pressured into joining) so I thought what better than some mini versions! It might have been a mistake seeing as she doesn’t play anymore but she liked them at the time so I guess that’s all that matters?


She didn’t have a favorite so I had complete freedom over which ones to make. So I picked the cute ones. I made five mini Pokemon and two egg pouches to go with them. I also made her some brownies like always. The first one I decided to make was Mew. I used Caron Simply Soft in Soft Pink with a 4.25mm hook.


I turned to Nichole’s Nerdy Knots because she has a slew of amazing Pokemon patterns that are super mini sized. I’m talking palm of your hand big. He worked up fine except for two parts. There were two round 4s and the tail was not long enough. I had to chain 35 instead of 24.


Overall I’m completely happy! He looks amazing! And only at 5.5 inches to boot!!

On The Hook:

  • Knitted Cabled Beanie
  • Snowflakes

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Lapghan

Another cousin was getting married so I needed another gift. Have we reached that point where you’re now asking how many cousins exactly do I have?? I have 20 total with eight of them having a total of 14 kids of their own. So. Many. Family members!! Love them all

So back to the wedding. I made my standard 5 1/2 Hour Throw / TV Lapghan (Aran) gift. This particular cousin and his (now) wife are fond of fall colors. So I used Caron One Pound in Espresso, Claret, and Taupe with the 15mm hook.


These colors held together reminded me of a chocolate raspberry truffle so that’s was I decided to name this combo.


One of these days I’ll make one of these blankets for myself

On The Hook:

  • Knitted Beanie
  • Snowflake Cowl
  • Christmas Gifts

Cubs Cap

A friend came to me wanting to place an order for a baby hat. One of his friends was having a baby and they are huge Cubs fan so he wanted to give them a little Cubs Cap for their expected baby. How could I say no?


I turned to my favorite CTbL’s Infant Basic Beanie in size 3-6 months. I used Big Twist Value in Royal Blue with a 4.25mm hook. I then used the Spring Training Cap pattern for the brim of the hat. With a little math calculations it was real simple to do. For the big C I used Moogly’s Lowercase Alphabet with RHSS in Cherry Red, Caron One Pound in White, and the 4.25mm hook.


I think it turned out looking like the real thing!!

On The Hook:

  • Floor Poof
  • Marvel Square
  • Spa Set