Minion Hat

I was asked to make one of Luke’s little cousins a Minion Hat and Mitten set. No problem! Those little yellow dudes are seriously everywhere so who doesn’t love them? I pulled out the measuring tape because it’s just so much easier to make a custom hat when you have the person available to measure. Unbelievably easier to get a great fit. I measure whenever possible and highly suggest that you do too. This case for example R measured at needing the Preschooler aged 3-5 size and at the time he was not in that age range. So glad I measured otherwise it wouldn’t have fit!

Can you guess the pattern I used? I used CTbL’s Toddler & Child Basic Beanie Pattern. It’s like you guys know me or something! Some of you might be wondering why I didn’t use Repeat Crafter Me’s Minion Hat Pattern. Well that’s because after all these years I still have not been able to meet her gauge and she doesn’t have finished measurements. I really can’t stand when any type of pattern doesn’t have finished measurements of any kind. I really like going in knowing what size it should roughly be when I’m done. I did however use her pattern for all the embellishments.


Ok, onto the reviews! Naturally I’m in love with the bigger sizes of Leah’s Basic Beanies! No complaints here that’s for sure. I’m sure you’ve noticed that Sarah’s pattern is no longer on her website. When I worked this up in October 2015 the pattern was still available on her blog. She has since taken it down and I can only guess that it’s because it is a licensed character.


Nevertheless I’m still going to review her pattern. I mentioned before not being a fan of her not having finished measurements. On the earflaps she has you go back to a previous pattern to see how to place the second one. I don’t think that’s optimal because what if I had printed the pattern off or had lost connection to the internet? Again, lengths for the braids were not given. I had to just guess on those. Not cool man.


Oh I used RHSS in Heather Gray, Black, Coffee, Blue, White, and Bright Yellow with a 4.0mm hook. Even though I had slight issues with a pattern layout I was happy with the finished product. And so was R and that’s all that really matters!

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Snowman Wall Hanging

I believe this was my second crocheted Winter/Christmas home decor item. The first being Mr. Melty who now stays out all year because it’s more appropriate for him to be out in the summer. I’m realizing I’m now in a snowman decor rut and I have to break that up. Next I think I’ll make a Santa because I’m really into collecting and decorating with them over anything else.

This project was done using Charmed By Ewe’s Snowman Wall Hanging. I believe it was a CAL at the time. I remember completing this with a bunch of others on Facebook. I used RHSS in white, black, and cherry red, Red Heart With Love in Mango with a 5.0mm hook. When I first worked up this pattern I found a couple things to be off or not fully explained. Since comparing my notes to the pattern now it looks like it has been edited. So all I have to mention is things I did differently!


I took off two dc on the second row of the nose so mine doesn’t curve like hers. When I worked this up the staggering of the head was not explained at all. The pattern stated just to stagger the increases. So this what I did was on round 14 I did 3 sc and then an inc before following the pattern. And on round 15 I did 9 sc and then an inc before following the pattern.

I also then added some Holly Leaves that are designed by Oombawka Design. I used a piece of white yarn attached across the back of the head to hang it on the side of my kitchen cabinets. Makes me smile every time I see him 🙂 I’ll have to add an updated picture once I get some red buttons attached as the holly berries.

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Drinking Mitten

If you’re reading the title going “what the heck can that possibly be?” let me explain it for you. It’s a mitten but has instead a tube with a hole so that you can hold a drink while also keeping your hand warm! I’m not entirely sure why I decided to make this project. I think it was a little bit because it was campfire season, potential family secret Santa gift (too late I kept this one!), contest, and that I’m always cold.


This project was completed using A Crocheted Simplicity’s “Knot Knit” Coffee & Drink Mitt Pattern. I used RHSS in Frosty Green and Medium Thyme with 5.5mm and 6.0mm hooks. I remember not being able to get gauge exactly right and messaging Jennifer about it. She was extremely helpful in guiding me to make it fit. I did not have to add any rows onto the sleeve/tube part but I did have to add one stitch. Which did not affect the pattern.


I’m very visual so I relied heavily on the included pictures on sewing the sleeve/tube and attaching the cuff. The included pictures were for the “Winter Waves” Coffee & Ice Cream Mitt so those really threw me off and I had a really tough time visualizing. For something like this I take advantage of the way all the lines of the stitches go and I couldn’t do that because the Winter Waves uses different stitches and has different lines than the Knot Knit. It’s why I gave this pattern a 4 out of 5 star rating.


Since I had an extra stitch on the sleeve/tube I had to add an extra stitch on the joining. My cuff however still had 36 sts total. I thought the cuff was a little too tight for my liking and would either keep that extra stitch or use the same hook size as the sleeve/tube. I was also a little disappointed that she doesn’t have a matching regular mitten. In either of the Knot Knit or Winter Waves line. My other hand needs to be kept warm too!

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Soot Sprites!

If you don’t know yet I’m a huuuuuge Studio Ghibli lover. I’m slowly amassing my Blu-ray and paraphernalia collections. My absolute favorite movie (that I’ve seen) is Kiki’s Delivery Service! On my personal to-do list is Jiji the cat. But I’m not here to talk about me! I previously made my best friend E two Ghibli themed gifts in the past, No-Face and The Duck Spirit. Both of those are from Spirited Away, E’s favorite movie. I wanted to make her something quick for her birthday and what better than these little soot balls?!


Soot Sprites are little creatures created from soot to work in the boiler room of the bath house in the movie. They’re adorable little fluffy balls. They have little arms and legs and love to eat little candies. I used RHSS and Lion Brand Fun Fur in black with a 5.0mm hook. I used Nichole’s Nerdy Knots’ Soot Sprite Pattern to make these. I used pieces of a black sock as the filling and hot glued eyes on the front.


These came out so stinkin’ cute!! I need to make many of these for myself to keep in corners of rooms 🙂 And I couldn’t resist this little photo shoot with them!


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Basketball Beanie

Last gift for Baby K was really for Dad. He coaches girl’s basketball so I couldn’t let this beanie escape me! I used RHSS in orange and black with a 4.0mm hook. I started off with CTbL’s Infant Basic Beanie Pattern. I’m never going to stop mentioning this pattern. I used what is now my standard 0-3 months size. I did the whole hat in orange except for the very last round was done in black. I wanted it to be the middle black line around a basketball. So almost like I had cut one in half.


I used Boomer Beanies’ 4 Pack of Sports Hats for the placement of the black lines. The pattern went into great detail about where you should start and end each line. It was a total lifesaver! Lots of pictures really helped here. I definitely recommend this pattern pack for the sports lovers in your life!


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