Staryu Pokemon #120

Next up on the list was Staryu!! Can’t really remember why exactly I chose to make this one but I did. I used Nichole’s Nerdy Knots’ Staryu Pokemon Pattern. I used RHSS in Gold and Bright Yellow with a 4.0mm hook. Love how this guy turned out!!


I found the second part of the Center Detail instructions to be a little weirdly worded. It’s just rows of 1sc that are attached to the inner yellow circle (made in the first part of center detail) and then sewn on to the outer yellow from the body. That’s where I sewed mine anyways. My rows were only 3 long instead of 4.


I also didn’t fully understand the Band Around Back at first. It didn’t click that it was just one long row of sc for a while. I needed to ch14 and do 13sc for the band to go around one leg. I tacked/sewed on the one end, then the other, and then on the back side I tacked it down to create that V shape.


I assembled mine a little different too. I did not sc around the edge. I didn’t like the ridge that created and it didn’t feel safe enough to hold in the stuffing. So I just sewed it together. I also did all the center details BEFORE sewing the pieces together. This way it was way easier to do them.

On The Hook:

  • Knitted Cabled Beanie



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