Dratini Pokemon #147

The second Pokemon I decided to make my sister was the ever adorable Dratini! Again I used Nichole’s Nerdy Knot’s Dratini Pokemon pattern. I used RHSS in Light Blue and White with a 4.0mm hook. I had several problems with this pattern that made me want to rip my hair out. I will share with you (as always) what I did differently.


On the Body:
For the 12sc rounds I did not go til it was 8 inches. I went til it was about 5-5.5 inches. I then decreased to 9 sc around for 1.5 inches. 8sc rounds for around an inch. 7sc for a couple rounds. Then decreased by 1 sc til I reached 4 sc around. Total length is around 10 inches. I tacked down the body at the first decrease from 12 to 9

On the Belly:
I did 3sc across instead of 2. At some point after the curve and it’s now on the bottom, I decreased to 2sc for a few rows. And then I decreased to 1sc for I believe 3 rows to make a point.

I did the body this way because I didn’t like the drastic decrease in the diameter of the body originally as written. There was a big visible change and I wanted more of a slight decrease. I also wasn’t able to see a curve when the 12sc rounds continued for 8 inches. I’m starting to think that curve is just supposed to be where you want it to be. I wanted Dratini to be the same size as Mew since he was already done.


There is also no directions for the eyes. Like seriously nothing for them at all. So a little peeved about that. I went super hard on the detail of them though. I really wanted these guys to look like the real deal. And I think I accomplished that with Dratini. I’m super proud of him

On The Hook:

  • Knitted Cabled Beanie

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