Mew Pokemon #151

My youngest sister E was turning 16 and I needed to make her something awesome! We bonded a bit over Pokemon Go (I was peer pressured into joining) so I thought what better than some mini versions! It might have been a mistake seeing as she doesn’t play anymore but she liked them at the time so I guess that’s all that matters?


She didn’t have a favorite so I had complete freedom over which ones to make. So I picked the cute ones. I made five mini Pokemon and two egg pouches to go with them. I also made her some brownies like always. The first one I decided to make was Mew. I used Caron Simply Soft in Soft Pink with a 4.25mm hook.


I turned to Nichole’s Nerdy Knots because she has a slew of amazing Pokemon patterns that are super mini sized. I’m talking palm of your hand big. He worked up fine except for two parts. There were two round 4s and the tail was not long enough. I had to chain 35 instead of 24.


Overall I’m completely happy! He looks amazing! And only at 5.5 inches to boot!!

On The Hook:

  • Knitted Cabled Beanie
  • Snowflakes

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