Birthday Beanie

Woohoo!! I finally finished writing about all my projects from 2015 and reviewing their patterns!! Time to talk about 2016’s projects. And what better way than with my birthday gift to myself?! When I visit family out east I usually spend most of my time at my brother and sister’s place. They have two cats so I have to be really careful with what projects I bring with me. But last year wasn’t a problem since it was over my birthday I brought along the yarn I would need for my present to me 🙂

On Black Friday 2014 I picked up Red Heart With Love in Boysenberry and Peacock. The Boysenberry might be my most favorite color yarn to date. It sat in my stash just waiting for the perfect pattern. Turns out it was Crystalized Designs’s Ribbed Beanie Pattern!


To obtain gauge I needed to go up to a 6mm hook. I have a bigger head than what’s listed in the sizes so I knew I would have to ‘tweak’ the pattern a little. I was surprised at how little I had to do that! For the ribbing I added two more rows totaling 74 instead of 72. If I make this again I might add another chain or two to the beginning to make it a little bit wider. To join both sides I sl st through front loops of both edges.

The body of the hat I wanted a little loose. So I did a total of 28 rounds before the last two decrease rounds (rounds 7 and 8). If making this again I could probably do 26 rounds. Beginning on round 14 I changed back to the 6mm hook. And beginning on round 18 I changed to a 5.5mm hook.


I had all intentions of adding a pompom when I got home but it’s now the end of September 2017 and I still haven’t done that. Oops. I also attempted to make the matching Ribbed Mittens but they’re still thumbless. Double oops. But out of all the hats I have to wear in the winter this one is my go to!!

On The Hook:

  • Baby Girl Dress
  • Angel
  • Baby Boy things

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