Batchildren Hats

Way back in 2014 I had made my cousin C a pink Batgirl hat for his baby girl M. In 2015 he had his second child so I made an updated Batgirl and a new Batman hats for M and new baby W.

The new Batgirl needed to be done in a bigger size, obviously, and guess what was released between making the first one and this one?? CTbL’s Toddler and Child Basic Beanie!! I used RHSS in Black and a 4.25mm hook for this one in the Preschooler size. I made this one a little big on purpose so that she would have plenty of growing space. I also made my own ears for this one and I’ll gladly share! I Chained 10 and did 9 sc for three rows. 8 sc for three rows. 7 sc for two rows. Decrease every row til 1 sc. Sc around outside. Then make sure you make a second one! The braids for this hat were 36 inches long.


For the Batman hat I used CTbL’s Infant Basic Beanie in 0-3 months. I also used RHSS in black and 4.0mm hook. I made slightly smaller ears by Chaining 9 and doing 8 sc for two rows. 7 sc for three rows. Decrease every row til 1 sc. Sc around outside. Again, make sure you make two! The braids for this hat were 34 inches.

Both Logos were made using Louie’s Loops’s Crocheted Batman Logo Pattern and RHSS in Black. This logo was so much easier to do than the previous logo I made. The background logos were made with corresponding colors of RHSS in Pretty n Pink and Bright Yellow. Definitely using Louie’s pattern whenever I need another Batman Logo!


W looks like he’s in deep contemplation hah Sorry for the blurry phone picture!

On The Hook:

  • Baby Girl Dress
  • Angel
  • Baby Boy things

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