Minion Hat

I was asked to make one of Luke’s little cousins a Minion Hat and Mitten set. No problem! Those little yellow dudes are seriously everywhere so who doesn’t love them? I pulled out the measuring tape because it’s just so much easier to make a custom hat when you have the person available to measure. Unbelievably easier to get a great fit. I measure whenever possible and highly suggest that you do too. This case for example R measured at needing the Preschooler aged 3-5 size and at the time he was not in that age range. So glad I measured otherwise it wouldn’t have fit!

Can you guess the pattern I used? I used CTbL’s Toddler & Child Basic Beanie Pattern. It’s like you guys know me or something! Some of you might be wondering why I didn’t use Repeat Crafter Me’s Minion Hat Pattern. Well that’s because after all these years I still have not been able to meet her gauge and she doesn’t have finished measurements. I really can’t stand when any type of pattern doesn’t have finished measurements of any kind. I really like going in knowing what size it should roughly be when I’m done. I did however use her pattern for all the embellishments.


Ok, onto the reviews! Naturally I’m in love with the bigger sizes of Leah’s Basic Beanies! No complaints here that’s for sure. I’m sure you’ve noticed that Sarah’s pattern is no longer on her website. When I worked this up in October 2015 the pattern was still available on her blog. She has since taken it down and I can only guess that it’s because it is a licensed character.


Nevertheless I’m still going to review her pattern. I mentioned before not being a fan of her not having finished measurements. On the earflaps she has you go back to a previous pattern to see how to place the second one. I don’t think that’s optimal because what if I had printed the pattern off or had lost connection to the internet? Again, lengths for the braids were not given. I had to just guess on those. Not cool man.


Oh I used RHSS in Heather Gray, Black, Coffee, Blue, White, and Bright Yellow with a 4.0mm hook. Even though I had slight issues with a pattern layout I was happy with the finished product. And so was R and that’s all that really matters!

On The Hook:

  • Baby Boy things
  • Graph Designing
  • Christmas things

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