Basketball Beanie

Last gift for Baby K was really for Dad. He coaches girl’s basketball so I couldn’t let this beanie escape me! I used RHSS in orange and black with a 4.0mm hook. I started off with CTbL’s Infant Basic Beanie Pattern. I’m never going to stop mentioning this pattern. I used what is now my standard 0-3 months size. I did the whole hat in orange except for the very last round was done in black. I wanted it to be the middle black line around a basketball. So almost like I had cut one in half.


I used Boomer Beanies’ 4 Pack of Sports Hats for the placement of the black lines. The pattern went into great detail about where you should start and end each line. It was a total lifesaver! Lots of pictures really helped here. I definitely recommend this pattern pack for the sports lovers in your life!


On The Hook:

  • Floor Poof
  • Mandala Shrug
  • Graph Designing

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