Zebra Hat

The second gift I made for K was a zebra hat. This one couldn’t have turn out any better! I used RHSS in black, Big Twist Value in white, and Lion Brand Fun Fur in black with 4.0mm and 5.5mm hooks. Naturally for the base hat I used CTbL’s Infant Basic Beanie Pattern. Seriously, can’t get enough of it. I used the 0-3 month size. The first two rounds I did in black and the rest alternated with white. I did up to 12 dc rounds, then one hdc round, and finished with one sc round.


I used Adorably Hooked’s Newborn Zebra Hat Pattern for the ears and hair. I found her instructions to be quite easy to follow! I would definitely recommend this pattern to anyone wanting to make a zebra hat 🙂


Little Baby K doesn’t look too thrilled about this hat hahaha

On The Hook:

  • Floor Poof
  • Mandala Shrug
  • Graph Designing

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