Elephant Hat

Last year one of Luke’s good friends S and his wife K had little Baby K. She’s so adorable! October 2015 was her baby shower. Since she was due in January this was the perfect time to make some hats! And they needed to be amazing. So I picked an elephant, a zebra, and a basketball to please both parents. I’m not one to favorite the parents when I’m gift giving. So this will be a three parter and I’m starting with the elephant.


I searched high and low for the perfect elephant hat. What I really needed wanted to look awesome was the ears. And I just wasn’t finding something that spoke to me. Until Pinterest presented me with The Quirky Crafting Shmoogle Bean’s Newborn Baby Heffalump Crochet Pattern. Those ears!!! It was absolutely perfect! Now I could get to business.


I made a 0-3 month size so I changed the ears just a smidge to make them fit around the hat better. I also used Leah’s Infant Basic Beanie for the base. I used RHSS in Grey Heather and Pretty ‘n Pink with a 4.00mm and 5.00mm hooks. You all know how much I love Leah’s basic beanie so I won’t rant about it again! I didn’t write down what changes I made to the ears and it was so long ago that I don’t really remember what they were 😦 Sorry guys. If it helps I believe it was just to the lower ears.


I think the hat turned out absolutely adorable in the end!

On the Hook:

  • Floor Poof
  • Mandala Shrug
  • Graph Designing

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