New and Exciting things!

Ok so where have I been? Because I was doing really well there for a while. I had at least one sometimes three new posts a week! So what happened? I don’t really know. Life? My last post was about the Kitty Turn Tail Coasters. I was asked to create some dog ones. I did. I never posted a pattern 😦 Then I took a trip in April with my aunt to Arizona to surprise my pop-pop (we pulled it off fabulously and it was a wonderful week) Roughly 9,000 friends announced they were have babies this year, one of them with twins! I got caught up in baby things.

Then it was summer so Luke and I took trips and hosted people. I designed some more. Say whaaat?! I now have my fifth pattern written down. Does that make me an official designer now?! I plan to help a fellow crocheter with some graph designs starting next week too. And now I’m teaching beginner crochet classes at my local yarn shop!! I think this might actually be my first time sitting down at the computer since my last post. So my apologizes.

I hope that starting Monday (because all new life plans start on Mondays) I can get back to where I left off and getting caught up on all those older projects that I haven’t blogged about. And I’m going to start off with a small goal of one post per week. This way I can really kick myself if I don’t get one posted.

Things you can look forward to? More of those pattern review posts that I’ve made. Most definitely a free Doggie Turn Tail Coaster pattern and the graph collaboration. Maybe even more of my own designs if I feel up to sharing them with the world. There’s some things I’d rather just be one of a kind works of art. Maybe once I get back to a routine I’ll start doing some new things like cute themed pattern round ups. Or highlighting patterns on my ever growing to-do list 🙂 Sound like a good plan to you guys??

On The Hook:

  • Triangle Scarf for class
  • Baby items for E
  • Mandala Shrug for Me!

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