Baby Flip Flops

These are probably the cutest little shoes I’ve ever made! Who can resist tiny flip flops? A trusted customer showed me a picture of a similar looking flip flop asking if I could make her a pair. So I searched online for something with a pattern. I found a chart that is in what I believe is Russian? It’s not English and that didn’t stop me before! Also, it is a chart so it’s all the symbols which are pretty universal I think and a really good picture tutorial. So pretty simple to follow along.


I used my trusty 5.00mm hook along with Red Heart Super Saver in Coffee, White, and Perfect Pink. I used Coffee for the bottom sole and White for the top sole. Yes a double sole!! Woohoo! In order to get the needed length of 4.25 inches the first round was done in double crochet and the second and third rounds in single crochet. Everything else I did was the same in the photo tutorial. They’re clear enough that I was able to count the stitches and chains needed. I used some embroidery floss to whip up a couple of flowers and sewed them along the strap. So adorable!

On the Hook:

  • Birthday Scarf
  • Baby G’s things
  • Bacon and Eggs Scarf

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