Cafe au Lait Lapghan

There’s so much I can say about this lapghan!! Do you guys know the term lapghan? I know it took me some time to use it. Basically all it is is a mini afghan. It’s roughly half the size of a normal sized afghan. About the same size as those fleece throws everyone has. You know where I’m going here? It’s an afghan the perfect size to fit on your lap. Hence the name lapghan!

Anyways, back to the pattern!! It is Lion Brand’s 5 1/2 Hour Throw / TV Lapghan (Aran). The pattern can be found HERE but you need an account to download. Don’t worry, it’s absolutely free and it’s great because you can save patterns.

I have made this lapghan countless times! I love it that much. It’s really my go to gift when I need something really personal without being overly in your face that I made the gift. Because I mean who doesn’t want a home made blanket in their house?? And since it uses three strands of yarn at once I’m totally able to customize each one for the giftee and each one is totally different!


This particular lapghan was made for one of my cousins as a wedding gift. I used Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo in Aran, Buff, and Cafe. These three colors together I just couldn’t resist the name of Cafe au Lait for this color combo. I also used my trusty P/Q 15.00mm hook!! It says to use Vanna’s Choice which don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love but I don’t like to have to deal with ends in a mesh like stitch so I either use Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo or Caron One Pound. The only thing I do different is my border goes all the way around instead of just two sides. Just makes more sense to me that way.


You may be wondering “It says it’s 5 1/2 hour lapghan, is that for real?” I can tell you “Yes, this lapghan can be worked up that fast!” Holy cow is right! I’m pretty sure the time is just for the main blankety part without the fringe because that’s about how fast I was able to make this once. Only once you ask? Yes because apparently I have weird hands and working with a giant hook and three strands of yarn cramps my hands worse than thread and a teeny tiny hook. So I have to take frequent breaks. But that one time I was working under super crunch time deadlines and HAD to get it done. And I did 🙂 The fringe always takes what seems like weeks to complete. But that’s only because I loathe attaching fringe almost as much as I hate sewing on limbs. So yes, I have completed this blanket start to finish in two days. It can be done!!

On the Hook:

  • Birthday Scarf
  • Baby G’s things
  • Bacon and Eggs Scarf

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