Peek-A-Boo Sandals

The second of the two booties I made for baby summer boy was this pair of Peek-A-Boo Sandals by MA Santos of Crochet Zone. These are also a free pattern!! I used Red Heart Super Saver in Light Blue and Coffee with a 5.0mm hook.


What can I say about these other than I loved them?! Double soled. Score! Adorable pop of color from the surface slip stitching. I really like how MA has her soles a different color than her uppers so I just had to do the same. Turned out amazing! So much better than one solid color I think. Definitely going to be doing the same for every other future sandal.


Most definitely keeping Crochet Zone on my radar for future patterns. Very well written and easy to follow. And totally cute!!

On The Hook:

  • Bun Beanie
  • Baby G’s things

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