Hello Kitty Baby Booties

These were the second pair of sandals in the custom order I did back in April 2015. This pair was not as simple or easy as the first pair. I wasn’t able to find a pattern exactly like what I was given. So what I did was I found a free pattern that was similar and that the customer approved of for the bootie and used a free pattern for the Hello Kitty face applique that I then sewed to the top of the bootie.


For the booties themselves I used the Snuggly Wuggly Booties free pattern by the Loops & Threads Design Team. I used Red Heart Super Saver in Perfect Pink and a 5.5mm hook. Since it was so long ago I only have what I have written down to go off of. I made the bigger of the two sizes which I can only assume was to just receive the desired length I needed. To achieve the height of the shoe I did two less rows than the pattern called for.


I used the Hello Kitty Applique and Mini Bow free pattern by Naomi Garcia of LanaDeBaa. I used Red Heart Super Saver in White and a 3.75mm hook. I don’t have anything else written down so I don’t think I ran into any problems. I embroidered a face and sewed it to the top of the booties.

I absolutely LOVE the way these turned out!! So stinkin cute!!

On The Hook:

  • Minion Slippers
  • Baby Girl items
  • Santa

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