Flower Power Baby Sandal

These little baby sandals were part of a custom order that I completed in April 2015. I was given several pictures of different baby sandals from the internet and asked if I could make them in specific colors. I’ll get to the other sandals soon. So I did my research and was glad to be able to find patterns for them all!! And they were free. Bonus!!


The first pair I made was these Flower Power Baby Sandals. I found them on Lovely Little Life by Naomi Wade. They were a cute, relatively easy pattern to work up. I don’t remember having much issues except for the chain bands across the top being a little troublesome. The only differences I have note of are that there was no gauge listed so to get the needed length I had to do the third and last round of the sole in hdc. Oh and I bought buttons to use instead of making my own, but that’s not a real difference.


If I were to make them again I might think about doubling up the sole. So you would make two for each shoe and then sew/crochet them together before continuing on. Just to make them a little more sturdy.


They turned out amazingly adorable and the customer loved them! So they’ve earned an A in my book!

On The Hook:

  • Minion Slippers
  • Baby girl gifts
  • Santa

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