Baptismal Baby Booties

Way back in January of 2015, my cousin C asked me if I could make her first born a pair of booties for her baptism. I felt so honored!! Of course I said yes!

Before then I had only worked with thread ONCE! I tried making a bookmark and failed. Miserably. So naturally I was really daunted by this project. But I stuck with it and made what I think are beautiful shoes. I used Maria Bittner of Pattern Paradise’s Italian Mary Janes pattern with Aunt Lydia’s Classic Crochet Thread white in size 10 with a 2mm hook.


We agreed to stay on the bigger side of estimated sizes because you never know how fast they’ll grow. Well little M didn’t really grow in the feet at all by April so these ended up being super big. Like an inch or so big. But with making them so far in advance that’s what we get.


My gauge matched but I still went down a hook size to get the length of the sole correct for the size I was making. After working with Maria on correcting her pattern these guys only took a few days to work up. These are my new go to baptism/christening booties if I ever have to make more 🙂

Bootie Collage1.jpg

On The Hook:

  • Hufflepuff Scarf
  • Color Pooling Scarf
  • Marvel Blanket
  • Baby Girl items for 2 babies

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