Sorry for the disappearance

It’s been a very long while since I’ve been on here and written a post. I’m sorry, and I’m also not. So much has happened in that time. A couple of family funerals, a couple of family weddings, we moved because we bought a house (whaaa?!), family visits both here, there, and far away. Just so much has happened. Don’t worry. I’ve still been crocheting, for the most part. I lost my will to crochet, crojo, will to do it, heck even my interest when I lost my nanny. That was a tough time. But I got it back. I just really didn’t feel up to and sometimes didn’t have time to sit at the computer typing everything up.

Have no fear. Things seem to have settled down enough that hopefully I’ll be able to do one post a week. Both about what I’ve done in the past two years and what I currently have going on

On the Hook:

  • Color Pooling Scarf
  • Marvel Blanket
  • Eden’s Birthday and Christmas gifts
  • Baby things

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