Flip flops

Last weekend we celebrated one of my closest friend’s 7th annual 21st birthdays! Yes we’re that cool. I didn’t realize how close her birthday really was and I was working on other projects that I completely forgot to make her anything!! Scary because I don’t remember the last time I had to go out an buy a present. But then I remembered!! Leah has a flip flop cup cozy and my friend L LOVES flip flops. She’s worn them in the winter and snow and everything. So I thought this would be perfect!!

After sitting down for maybe an hour tops I had a gift!! I used Leah’s pattern that can be found HERE and a couple of shades of Red Heart Super Saver. To meet her stitch width gauge I need to use a 5.5mm hook and then add on a bunch of rows because mine aren’t high enough. I made this using sc to fit a can. Oh did I mention this is a FREE pattern?! I love all of her cup cozies because they’re all super adorable and really fast to whip up. Like I said. An hour tops.

flip flops graphed drink sleeve


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