First non-family order!!

Last night I completed my first non-family custom order!! I feel so accomplished! The lady works with my boyfriend’s mom but still, non-family!! Her name is Ash M and she ordered two hats for her beautiful little girl. She’s going to be 4 months soon and needed something to help keep that little head warm during the winter.

This was a 100% custom order. She showed me some pictures from the internet that she liked, I tried my hand on some patterns, and she picked her favorite. That happened to be a free pattern from the Caron Design Team that I found on Raverly, but sadly it was only for adults. So I had some adapting to do. I followed the pattern from the beginning but only did 4 rounds of increases. I continued with the same number of clusters until it was the length I wanted. I then added a few rounds of sc. I had to add some stitches to make sure it was still the same circumference. That was it for the cream hat but the white still needed its brim. So I used my trusted newsboy brim pattern.

All that was left was flowers and buttons. Man was it a little hard to find some big purple buttons. And then I couldn’t find one that was an exact match but I love how these two worked together. I used two different flower patterns, one of which I’ve used before. You can find the black one HERE and the purple one HERE. After sewing them on and then the buttons I was FINISHED!!!

Since this was a custom order I wanted to make sure what I was doing was exactly what she wanted. To make sure of that I made sure to send her progress photos and I changed things when they needed changing. Overall I think this all went over very well! Can’t wait to have more of them!


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