I’m back!!

I thought I mentioned I was going away for two weeks but upon looking I can’t seem to see that I did say that. I’m sorry if I didn’t. But my grandparents from Arizona decided to DRIVE to Pennsylvania for a week long visit. Weird that they would drive for 5 days to stay for 6 and drive 5 more. But they’re old and won’t fly so whatcha gonna do about it? Needless to say I HAD A BLAST!! I hadn’t seen them in 3 years so it was great! I spent one week with my sisters and mom following around my grandparents and another week with my cousin and her baby. We also had a typical DiPaul style party on my last night there with my brother who I haven’t seen in who knows how long either. Thankfully he’s done with his Marine stuff and is back home going to college so I’ll be able to see him whenever I want!

I also had a very successful crochet trip. Pictures have been uploaded to Facebook. But I’m going to clean a bit before I sit down for a while and write out the long post that is to come. Til later!


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