crochet collagev2

HAPPY INTERNATIONAL CROCHET DAY for 2014!! ::insert mini dance celebration::

Today I’m going to celebrate by ……. crocheting!! Oh c’mon Jess you crochet daily, why is today any special? I’m really not too sure to be honest.

I woke up this morning thinking it was any other day. Boy was I wrong. All my yarn friends informed me of the special day. But when I look it up, I get no info other than it’s always September 12th. I guess it’s just a cool way to rub it into non-yarn people’s faces that we crochet and it’s cool. So I’m saying it loud and proud.

I’m also saying it by finishing crochet projects! I’ve already finished two today and started on a piece of another. Even though I’ve posted pictures on Facebook already, I’m going to wait until tomorrow to post them here. It’s just easier to upload as I go on Facebook rather than here. So there you have it. I’ve finished two hats and started another. Ponder over what they are until tomorrow. Or cheat and look on Facebook.


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