Pay-It-Forward #3

Last night I finished another Pay-It-Forward project. This one is for my friend Lacie. I wish I could say what it is but it’s going to remain a secret until she receives it. All I’m saying is that I want one myself.

Now that that’s complete and I have foam heads, I’m going to be working on completing the fin for the Knight’s Helmet. It shouldn’t take too long to complete. After that I’m not sure what I’ll do. I found out that my town does a monthly farmer’s market/craft fair from May-October. So I’ll probably start working on small items that I can sell there. Should be fun to make a bunch of baby things again and a bunch of dish clothes. Other than that I don’t really have anything big to work on.

Keep an eye out for that lizard pattern. I’m thinking of posting it real soon.

On the Hook:

  • Knight’s Helmet
  • CAL Textured Blanket x 2
  • Pay-It-Forward #2

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