The Craftys

I discovered The Craftys just a few days ago. Immediately I had to do some investigation work because I wanted to know more. And boy did I. As their banner says, it’s “An annual competition celebrating the best in Craft”. This is actually the first Craftys so I’m even more excited. There are 10 different craft categories that one can enter and then be judged on. Anyone can enter, anyone can vote. But then there are judges who award prizes in each category and a “best in show” winner as well. Voters are also entered to win prizes as well. Pretty exciting right? Well for me it got better…..

I entered!! First time ever that my work is out there and being judged. I decided to enter the Knitting & Crochet category (obviously). What did I enter you ask? My Skyrim Helmet! I know I know I haven’t blogged about it yet (it was made two years ago so way before the blog) but I might this week just to tell you more about it. So I’m pretty excited because it was my 2nd ever original design. (Yea it’ll definitely get its own post soon)

So I have a favor to ask of all you readers. I would greatly appreciate it if you were able to check out my Skyrim Helmet and vote for it. Voting is super easy. Just click on the little heart under the picture after loging-in with Facebook, Twitter, Google, or LinkedIn and you’re done! As of right this second I have 3 votes. Let’s keep them coming!! Voting ends May 26th!!

Thank you all sssooooo much!!!!!!


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