Christmas talks

Last year I ran into a HUGE problem for my Christmas gifts … I was running out of time. And fast. So I had to cut corners.

This year I plan to learn from my mistake and make a change. I’m starting on Christmas gifts now! You heard me right. I said now. I know I know, but May just started. Well 10 gifts at least plus what ever life decides to throw my way I thought starting now (instead of October like last year) would be better. Gives me more time.

The first gift I’m working on is for my baby sister Eden. My other sister got a blanket a few years back and now it’s her turn. I showed her Red Heart’s CAL blanket that I’m working on for myself and she told me she wanted it in royal blue and orange. Such a strange color combination but then again it’s not my blanket. Well easy enough I thought since it’s a CAL and a new square is released every 2 weeks. So right now I’m playing catch up and doing the old squares in her colors. Soon enough they will all be done. I think there’s only like 3 more squares that are a secret and then I’ll learn how to block them all and attach them. Not sure which color I’m going to use to do that.

But here’s what I have so far

There will be 20 squares total, 10 blue and 10 orange. All the orange ones will be the typical granny square. Each blue one will be different. Red Heart is calling it the Checkerboard Textures Throw. Good name I think, describes it nicely. I hope to get all caught up here soon because I’m thinking of entering The Craftys and if I do that I want to make up my original lizard amigurumi pattern. Think I should enter? I have two weeks.

On the hook:

  • CAL Textured Blanket x2
  • Pay-It-Forward for Erin
  • Fin for Knight’s Helmet

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